Monday, April 10, 2006

Tendlers, Susan Rosenbluth, and Jewish Voice Sued for Slander

By New Hempstead News

In a lawsuit filed in Rockland County this morning, Leah and Richard Marinelli (Midwife 2), are suing Mordechai Tendler, Michelle Tendler, Susan Rosenbluth, and The Jewish Voice for defamation and slander.

In her first cause of action, Leah says that the Tendlers and Rosenbluth "participated in the preparation and publication of a false, defamatory, malicious, and libelous article" concerning Marinelli.The article was entitled "Israeli Chief Rabbinate tells RCA: Reinstate R' Tendler - A Tale of Lies and Midwives"

In that article Rosenbluth refers to the two midwives as "vindictive and evil."
Rosenbluth also added that KNH was "ready to press charges against Leah for having used the postal system to spread slander, using the synagogue's address on the envelopes"
It should be noted that upon reaching the DA's Office of Rockland County, it was easily ascertained that no such charges were even considered by that office ... a fact easily ascertainable on the part of Rosenbluth and Tendlers!

(Which means, that when Rosenbluth wrote the article she already knew that the DA would never press charges .... at any rate KNH could never press charges against Leah, only the DA can technically press charges)

In the same article, Rosenbluth writes "it seems the midwives dug up anyone who might have a vendetta against Tendler." Rosenbluth further writes that the vendetta of the Midwives was carried on based on the involvement of a psychologist involved in illicit sexual relations with a much younger man, who became "actively involved in arranging meetings with people who she thinks might have a vendetta against Rabbi Tendler." Accordingly, "its not surprising they found the midwives."

Leah in this lawsuit admits that she actually called for the participation of individuals with verifiable claims of sexual abuse against Tendler, but she denies that any of her involvement to "recruit" witnesses was based on the preposterous notion that she was motivated by "revenge."She further writes that she "gave him (Tendler) the benefit of the doubt on the charges of sexual misconduct until the charges she was made aware of against Tendler appeared insurmountable and utterly convincing."

In her second cause of action against the Tendlers and Rosenbluth, Leah says that they published and circulated an article that in fact stated "that Leah attempted to coerce a congregate of the Rabbi's Congregation, into becoming a false witness against the Defendant (Tendler)."

In her third cause of action, Leah says that the Tendlers and Rosenbluth falsely alleged that Leah "recruited" a rabbi and a businessman from Rockland County to give testimony against MT out of "personal animosity." Rosenbluth wrote "Like all the witnesses who gave testimony to the Praesidium (RCA), the rabbi and businessman were allegedly recruited through two professional midwives, whose issues with Rabbi Tendler appear to have nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with hurt feelings over one of his rulings. ..." etc.

In her fourth and final cause of action, Leah says that Rosenbluth & the Tendlers "participated in the preparation and publication of a false, defamatory, malicious, and libelous article, entitled "The Tendler Nine."

In that article Rosenbluth said that Richard Marinelli made a "death threat" toward Tendler, by telling another individual that Tendler was in fact "chayev misa" (death penalty).. They also claimed in this article that the FBI and local police were notified about this threat and that "the threat is being taken seriously."

The FBI and the local police were in fact never notified ...

Please note that this lawsuit is 18 pages ...and we just gleaned from some of the complaints. Clearly this Lawsuit shows, that there was a pattern to conspire to defame, lie and slander Leah and Richard Marinelli.

Tendler can no longer take anyone to Bais Din, because he already chose to use the Court system and abandon the Bais Din route. Tendler on numerous occassions told his flock that it is prohibited to go to court ....Apparently we have to watch what he does and not what he actually said!


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