Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ramblings of "Rabbi" Mordechai Gafni in Dialogue with Luke Ford

Below is a series of audio recordings of Luke Ford interviewing Marc Gafni.

FYI: "Rabbi" Mordechai Gafni confessed to having "sexual relations" with a thirteen-year-old girl back in the 1980's. In 2006 he confessed to clergy sexual abuse of adult women in Israel. After his confession he came back to the United States and has been hiding out in Salt Lake City, UT ever since.

#1 Agreement of the Interview - "Circle of Integrity"

#2 The Will of G-d and Working on Ourselves

#3 Gafni and Luke on Relationships and Sex Crimes

#4 Gafni: "On My Name"

#5 Gafni "When News Becomes Ratings"

#6 Gafni Analyzing Luke's Motives

#7 Gafni's Book - "Spiritually Incorrect"

#8 Gafni on Men and Women

#9 Great Loves - PAG ("Parents Against Gafni")

#10 Women and Sex

#11 Gary Rosenblatt and an Unnamed Rabbi - Gafni: "Not A Part of the good old boys Network (the YU Crowd)". . . "These guys want to take me down". . . "never had relations with 13-year-old girl".

#12 Gafni Describes "Love Relationships", Both minor females described as sexual abuse.

#13 Rape According to Gafni: Sexual McCarthyism v. Sexual Mistakes. Perhaps Marc Gafni can tell us where he gets the funds to hire the best attorneys?

#14 Gafni on Blogs and the Internet


Anonymous Avi said...

It's interesting that sex is the only topic Gafni seems to talk about.

I'm sure he'll end up reading this posting. I am hoping if he will answer the following questions here.

Marc why do you believe all the orthodox rabbis and almost everyone from the Jewish renewal movement has turned their backs on you?

Marc, why would so many women make up stories of you sexually violating them?

If you never sexually abused the two under-aged girls back in the 1980's why after so many years would they want their stories told?

July 09, 2008 12:57 PM  

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