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WARNING: Malka Leifer is currently living in Emmanuel, Israel

WARNING: Malka Leifer is currently living in Emmanuel, Israel
Background History
by Vicki Polin - Executive Director, The Awareness Center, Inc.
The Awareness Center's Daily Newsletter
April 25, 2008

Please forward this to anyone you know who may come in contact with Malka Leifer. The goal is to prevent one more person from becoming a victim of a sex crime. Click here: download poster to pass out to members of the Emmanuel community

Malka Leifer was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2000, Malka Leifer was hired by Adass Israel Girls School. In 2003 she was promoted and made principal. Her employment terminated and left Melbourne within 24 hours of being investigated by the school board. There were allegations made that Adass Israel school purchased the ticket for Leifer to return to Israel. Norman Rosenbaum, the schools spokesperson, the rumors are not true. Another source stated that she “borrowed” $ 24,000 the day before she left from some of the girls and teachers at the school.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melbourne, Australia - Whistleblowers Come Forward To Report Former Principal
Melbourne, Australia - Fifteen people from the Orthodox Jewish community have come forward indicating they want to give testimony about allegations of inappropriate behaviour by a trusted official.

The whistleblowers have all identified themselves to an inquiry set up by the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV), as community pressure mounts for swift action.

Four of the interviews have been scheduled during and immediately after Pesach.

Phone calls “have been coming in fast” since the rabbinical body announced the inquiry into allegations of abuse, RCV president Rabbi Meir Shlomo Kluwgant said.

The allegations surfaced after Adass Israel Girls School principal Malka Leifer lost her job and fled to Israel within 24 hours of being investigated by the Adass school board.

Rabbi Kluwgant said it was significant that as many as 15 people had come forward, as they are all either alleged victims or people wanting to speak up on behalf of alleged victims known to them.

He acknowledged that the RCV was facing an outpouring of anger and demands for quick action against any alleged perpetrator.

Rabbi Kluwgant said that if the inquiry believed crimes had been committed, the relevant information would be passed on to police.

But he would not be drawn on the identity of any individual or on the extent of the allegations. [AJN]

April 29, 2008 11:15 AM  
Anonymous The Case of "Rabbi" Jack Sparks said...

May 13, 2008

Talleyville school rabbi charged, put on leave

Teen's mom alleges inappropriate bond

The News Journal

A rabbi who heads a nonprofit religious school in Talleyville was arrested by Newark police Monday on a child endangerment charge for allegedly fostering an inappropriate relationship with a teenage boy.

Rabbi Jack L. Sparks, 53, head of school at Albert Einstein Academy at 101 Garden of Eden Road, was released on unsecured bail on the misdemeanor charge stemming from a relationship developed since February 2007 with a now 15-year-old boy, police said in court records.

The inappropriate incidents are alleged to have occurred between February and December 2007.

Police said Sparks took the boy on a shopping trip to the Fairfield News and Tobacco store on New London Road in Newark and encouraged the boy to pick out a magazine in the "back room" where pornographic magazines are kept. The boy declined, picking out a gaming magazine instead, Newark police spokesman Lt. Brian Henry said.

According to court records, the victim's mother reported the "possible inappropriate relationship" to police April 26.

"The teen was smart enough to put an end to it," Henry said. "[Sparks] didn't get a chance to follow through."

The boy, who is not a student at the school, and the rabbi developed a friendship over time, talking at the school two or three times a week over the next few months.

When the boy was hospitalized in June 2007, the rabbi visited him and noticed the boy using a computer. The two then started to exchange e-mails and talk online in the hospital, which continued after the boy returned home. In September, the rabbi bought the boy a computer for his room.

The victim's mother viewed Sparks as a role model and mentor for her son, police said in court records, and the two had regular lunch dates. Sparks also would take the boy to Game Stop.

"Sparks told the boy he loved him," police said in court records.

The online conversations turned sexual, including talk of female body parts, pornography and masturbation, Henry said.

Sparks, who has headed the school since 2005, was released on $2,000 unsecured bail. He could not be reached for comment Monday.

Larry Hamermesh, a board of trustees member, called the rabbi's arrest "regrettable regardless of the outcome."

"He was placed on paid administrative leave last Monday pending the outcome of a school investigation," Hamermesh said.

May 15, 2008 7:14 AM  

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