Thursday, April 03, 2008

NWCP of Baltimore - Tzedaka Boxes? What About Child Molesters?

The following message was forward. I found this shocking Wouldn't it be great if the Baltimore community cared as much for it's children as it does tzedaka boxes? Has the NWCP sent out a notice regarding any of the known child molesters in the Baltimore community? I'm told that the NWCP is housed in Rabbi Moshe Heinemann's synagogue.

Please write to the NWCP and ask them to send out notices regarding sex offenders too!
Contact Information:
Fax: 410-764-6203

From: NWCP Alerts
Date: Thu, Apr 3, 2008
Subject: Advisory Information from the NWCP

The Baltimore Police would like the community to be aware of the following information:

The person in the attached pictured is a strong suspect in after-hours theft of tzedaka boxes in shuls in the community. This individual poses as a frum Jew, but is, in fact, not. This individual does have a prior history of arrest, including charges of theft and criminal trespass.

This individual should not be left alone in any shul, at any time of day or night. The police also advise the community to lock up their pushkas during non-davening times, and ensure that other valuables are safely stored.

Name: Leo Rossman
Age: 52
Height: 5-6
Weight: 140 lbs


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