Monday, April 07, 2008

Message to Isaac Hersh From A Survivor of Physical and Emotional Abuse

The following letter was sent anonymously.
Isaac Hersh
I'm worried about Isaac Hersh
Is no news good news?

By Anonymous

As a child I was severely abused in my home until the time I was placed in foster care. I know first hand the terror that goes on day after day, never knowing what will come next. I remember feeling so desperate that I attempted suicide.

I can't stop thinking about Isaac Hersh and what he must have gone through while he was imprisoned at Tranquility Bay. I'm so concerned for him because I've read on line that he is still not safe. That Isaac is not with the family in Texas who seems to love and care for him. If I was him I think I might have my moments that I might loose hope of ever being free.

I haven't heard any concrete information on how Isaac Hersh is doing? I've read on blogs his current foster parents are very much hooked into the system that help land Isaac at Tranquility Bay.

I've heard rumors that he is awaiting a psychological consult so that the judge will determine which is the best place for Isaac to live. If the judge reads this, please free Isaac. Let him go back down to Texas.

I personally know what it's like to be waiting and waiting for your life to become stable. To be in an environment that is safe, free of emotional and physical harm. I can only imagine what Isaac is going through.

I loved my parents. Part of me always wanted to be with them. While I was growing up I always dreamed of going back home. My fantasy was that my parents would be loving and kind. They would be like the parents in the "Brady Bunch." There have been many times I tried to go back home. Each time I ended up getting hurt. Now that I'm in my thirties I still can't go back home. To this day my parents try to manipulate me and as of last year was physically abusive towards me.

I don't trust that Dr. David Pelcovitz is looking after Isaac Hersh's best interest. I think he's more interested in the political game that the rabbis are playing. I also don't trust anyone except for the foster parent who went down to free Isaac. I look at that rabbi as being a real mench. I just hope he doesn't try to make Isaac frum, unless that's something Isaac wants for himself. Isaac needs to figure out for himself who he is and what he believes without any pressure from the outside. He needs a lot of time to heal.

Isaac, if you read this message, please know that you are not alone. I pray for you every day. Like many of us, we only want you to know freedom and for you to live in a nonviolent, kind and loving world.


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