Wednesday, April 02, 2008

FREE ISAAC From The Insanity

Isaac Hersh Is Not Safe and NEEDS to be in Houston
© (2008) Vicki Polin, MA, NCC, LCPC, Executive Director
The Awareness Center, Inc.

It saddens me to say that Isaac Hersh continues to be used as a pawn. It appears that his father (Michael Hersh), has difficulties seeing Isaac as anything other then an object. He is not looking at what's in the best interest of his child.

It has already been established that Isaac Hersh made allegations of being physically abused by his father while he was living in Israel. Because of the abuse and various other issues his father allegedly agreed to allow Isaac and his brother live in Houston, TX -- with a family friend, Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe.

The Wolbe is a home in which Isaac was provided unconditional love and stability. It is also the home in which his twin brother resides.

According to mental health professionals who are familiar with this case, it is in Isaac Hersh's best interest to return to the Wolbe home immediately. Unfortunately, Child Protective Services and the courts in New York are not looking at Isaac's desperate need to be in a stress free environment, one in which he is familiar and which is away from the insanity, while the legal matters are being addressed.

Currently, Isaac Hersh is staying in the home of Steve (Shlomo Zackheim). The home is smack in the middle of the war zone. It's been reported that Zackheim is a friend of Michael Hersh, and is someone who Rabbi Ahron Schechter has control over.

What is needed is an emergency court order granting Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe temporary legal guardianship, so that Issac can return to his normal routine and begin his healing process. A traumatized child cannot heal while he is in the middle of a psychological war zone. Isaac Hersh NEEDS to be in Houston, under the care of the Wolbe's. Isaac Hersh to be in a safe place, with individuals he knows, trusts and loves.


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