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(1986) A Jewish Survivor of Incest Breaks the Silence

From The Awareness Center's Daily Newsletter:

Has much changed in since 1986?

The Bond Abused: A Jewish Survivor of Incest Breaks the Silence
© (1986) by Sharon R. Lowenstein, Phd
(The following article was originally published in Moment Magazine, January/February 1986, Volume II, Number 2.)

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You may also be interested in learning about the history of child abuse and negect laws, about child sexual abuse in Jewish communities, and also resources for counseling.


Anonymous The Case of Avi Patel said...

Bnei Brak man accused of assaulting six minors he seduced online

By Ofra Edelman, Haaretz Correspondent

Prosecutors on Thursday filed an indictment at the the Tel Aviv District Court against a 25 year-old man from Bnei Brak suspected of sodomy, indecent assault and sexual harassment of minors.

The suspect, Avi Patel, is charged with seducing online six minors aged 11 to 15, and convincing them to meet him in person. He is also accused of possessing pornographic pictures of minors.

According to the prosecution, Patel confessed to being a pedophile, and described in an unequivocal manner his attraction to minors.

In his testimony, Patel said, "I am aware of being a pedophile. One thing that is known about pedophiles is that they have a very high sex drive and a strong desire for the object of their attraction."

Professionals who had treated Patel in the past testified that he had refused to accept any kind of help.

January 28, 2008 9:35 AM  
Anonymous Trafficker of Prostitutes said...

A Russian businessman wanted by FBI and Interpol has been arrested in Moscow, offcials said Friday.

The Russian Interior Ministry's anti-organized crime unit’s spokesman said that Semyon Mogilevich was detained late Wednesday, the AP reported.

He is a Ukrainian-born Russian citizen suspected to be a major figure in international crime and has used 17 names to hide himself. The suspect also held passports from several countries. His arrest was formally approved on Thursday.

Mogilevich was detained under the alias of Sergei Schneider.

He was arrested with the head Arbat Prestige - Vladimir Nekrasov – near a supermarket. Both surrendered without resistance.

Arbat Prestige was suspected of evading about $2 million in taxes.

Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich (June 30, 1946 in Kiev, Soviet Union, in Russian Семен Могилевич, also written as Semyon) is a notorious organized crime boss who is believed to control the largest Russian Mafia syndicate in the world. His business activities are alleged to include arms dealing, drug trafficking, prostitution and money laundering. He is nicknamed "The Brainy Don", because of his business abilities and because he holds a degree in Economics from the Lviv University.

Mogilevich was born into a middle-class Jewish family At the age of 22 he earned an advance degree in economics from the university in Lviv. In the early 1970s he became part of the Lyubertskaya crime group in Moscow and was involved in petty theft and fraud. He served two terms (3 and 4 years) for currency dealing offenses.

FBI put Mogilewich in 2003 on the "Wanted by the FBI List" for participation in scheme to defraud investors in Canadian company YBM Magnex International Inc.

January 28, 2008 10:14 AM  
Anonymous The Case of Yonatan Bassa said...,7340,L-3500177,00.html

Ariel man poses as rabbi, rapes woman to ‘repair her soul’

Yonatan Bassa, 38, posed as Rabbi, forced woman seeking counseling to have sex in order to 'repair her soul'; defrauded her of $18,000
Vered Luvitch

The Tel-Aviv District Court charged 38-year-old Yonatan Bassa of Ariel with rape and committing an indecent act Tuesday, after the latter had sexually assaulted a woman who had turned to him for counseling while he had posed as a rabbi.

The indictment states that Bassa would claim to be a rabbi and give Torah lesson to Jewish penitents, or ba’alei teshuvah, even though he was never ordained. In March 2007, he was approached by a woman who had asked for his guidance and help in retuning to the Jewish faith.

During this first meeting he asked the woman for money to ‘redeem her soul’, and instructed her to stop psychotherapy as well as all psychiatric medication.

Bassa’s charge obediently stopped taking her prescribed psychiatric medication, and held another meeting with the ‘rabbi’. During this meeting, Bassa told her that they were a husband and wife burglary team in a past life, and must now ‘make amends’ for their past actions.

The woman protested, but an angry Bassa told her that he had conversed with God on this matter, and proceeded to kiss her. The woman then asked Bassa to end their meeting.

The two then met again at a later date, this time in Bassa’s car, whereupon her immediately began to kiss and hug the hapless woman, later undressing and raping her as she wept and pleaded. At the end of their meeting, Bassa warned his ‘client’ not to mention their meeting to anyone, as this was their own private atonement for their sins.

In addition to this aforementioned rape, Bassa is also accused of aggravated fraud. Upon learning that his female client was to receive a large sum of money for injuries sustained during an accident, Bassa asked her for a NIS 12,000 ($3,000) loan for “charity to an impoverished family”.

Additonal 'client' also raped, defruaded

The client refused at first, but ultimately gave Bassa aforementioned sum. He ultimately defrauded her of roughly NIS 74,000 ($18,000).

Bassa is also accused of defrauding and committing forcible acts on another client, who had come to him seeking spiritual guidance under the assumption that he was an ordained Rabbi.

Bassa told his client that she has committed many sins, for which she must atone, and asked her to pay him NIS 2,000 ($500) in order to cleanse her soul. During a subsequent meeting he forcibly committed a lewd act upon the woman, after telling her that having sex with him would atone for her sins.

January 29, 2008 10:32 AM  
Anonymous YNET said...,7340,L-3474678,00.html

'Fewer rape victims file complaints with police'

Director of the Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women says one of reasons women file less complaints is media exposure recent cases received. Recent survey reveals only 10% of victims file charges

Yael Branovsky Published: 11.22.07, 21:27 / Israel News

Only 10% of women who have been victims of sexual assault file complaints with police, a new survey conducted by the Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women revealed.

According to Director Marit Danon, one of the reasons victims hesitate to approach the authorities is the media exposure of recent legal cases that demonstrated what plaintiffs undergo.

Danon told ynet, "When a victim sees the anguish plaintiffs go through in the media, they think twice before filing charges. This is what happened after the much publicized cases of former President Katsav and Haim Ramon as well as also other cases that have received media attention."

The survey was conducted by Shiluv institute ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25.

Danon added that, according to survey, the public's perception of victims of sexual assault is flawed and misconstrued. "

The survey demonstrates the gaps between the perception and reality. For example, about 20% of the public believe that rape is the victim's fault even though data and testimonies prove that this is not the case. If we manage to change these misperceptions, the psychological barriers will be removed and more women will file complaints."

January 29, 2008 10:35 AM  

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