Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Documentary - Without A Voice

It's amazing to watch the changes that have been happening in the orthodox world.

I think it's important to be aware of the history of child abuse and neglect laws to understand why it's so important to pay attention to how long it's been taking for things to change.

Back in 1994's the documentary "Unorthodox Conduct" was created. Then there was silence.

In 1999, the concept of The Awareness Center got started. The allegations against rabbi Baruch Lanner broke in 2000. He was convicted in of aggravated sexual contact, sexual contact, harassment by offensive touching and endangering the welfare of a child in 2002. That was the same year that the book, "Shine The Light" was published.

Earlier this year Israel Moskovits film "Narrow Bridge" was released.

In this month's copy of The American Journal of Psychiatry the famous "Mikvah Study" was
published, which was conducted by Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D. , Michelle Friedman, M.D., Talli Y. Rosenbaum, P.T., Ellen Labinsky, Ph.D. and James Schmeidler, Ph.D.

Some time this year or the early part of 2008, the documentary "Without A Voice" created by Moshe Schulman will be released. (See below for clip).

I was told that some time in 2008, Vicki Polin's book, "In The Name Of G-d" will also be published.


Blogger Israel said...

How can I see this film?

November 04, 2007 1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

History of Past Sexual Abuse in Married Observant Jewish Women

Pay per Article - You may access this article (from the computer you are currently using) for 1 day for US$15.00.

Free Abstract

Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D. , Michelle Friedman, M.D., Talli Y. Rosenbaum, P.T., Ellen Labinsky, Ph.D. and James Schmeidler, Ph.D.
OBJECTIVE: The authors examined instances of past sexual abuse and related demographic characteristics in the self-reports of a select group of married observant Jewish women. METHODS: Orthodox Jewish married women (N=380) ages 19 to 58 responded to advertisements asking them to complete an anonymous questionnaire about sexual experiences, including sexual abuse. RESULTS: Sexual abuse was reported by 26% of the respondents surveyed, with 16% reporting abuse occurring by the age of 13. More ultra-Orthodox Jews reported abuse than modern-Orthodox Jews. Women who were raised observant reported significantly less childhood sexual abuse than those who became observant later in life. Sexual abuse was associated with increased treatment-seeking for depression, marital counseling, or other emotional or psychological problems. CONCLUSION: While observant Jewish women live in a culture defined by a high degree of adherence to specific laws of conduct, including rules designed to regulate sexual contact, sexual abuse of various types still exists among them.

November 04, 2007 6:19 AM  
Anonymous Mexico Joe said...

I'm an adult raped in the Catholic Church when I was 6 and 7 years old. I'm sick seeing the same denial here in the Jewish community as the RCC community. People are sheep and the sheep hold the molesters of children in high regard even when the predatory men are caught molesting. We don't want to look at the issue. It is happening and it needs stopping. Federal laws have to be put in place for protecting out children. If something ever happens to my five year old in school! I will kill the person and you will read about me in every paper nation wide. I’m very sick from what happened to me as a child still. The only reason I live now is for my daughter. The Catholic abusers are so very lucky I’ve a daughter. The Jewish abusers are so very lucky I’ve a daughter as well.

November 04, 2007 9:59 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Hi, I'm the filmmaker behind Without A Voice. It's currently still in development. We're still looking for more survivors who are willing to go on camera and tell their story. So please contact me ASAP if you're someone who will tell their story. Whatever age and whatever gender please come forward (teens, parents of survivors etc.) Please also forward this note to as many groups and blogs as possible.

Thank You
Michael Schulman
Contact me at

November 04, 2007 6:23 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Exposing the hidden epidemic of sexual abuse in the Jewish community. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE HASIDIC MAN IN THE TRAILER IS NOT A RABBI - HE'S JUST A COMMUNITY MEMBER!!!!!!!! This trailer was made with the intention for fundraising therefore no titles were used under the people on screen. I felt for a fundraising purpose the names weren't important - rather the content and subject matter are.

This following trailer for Without A Voice was completed on December 12, 2006. In the beginning of the trailer is says "coming 2007." At this moment (meaning December 12, 2006) there is no feature that will be released in 2007 due to personal circumstances. "Coming 2007" is there to entice interest and rage about this subject. My goal with this trailer is to get this issue out to the world so we can create change and awareness. If the trailer creates enough awareness I believe a feature documentary film is not necessary, and that is my hope. However, if there is not enough awareness made from this trailer I will make the feature if circumstances allow it. Circumstances include, but are not limited to, health, finance, and creative control.

The subjects in the trailer consist of persons, who are victims, therapist/psychologist, parents, and members of different Orthodox Jewish communities. All subjects who have their faces shown gave verbal consent recorded on tape that it was okay to use their footage. Subjects who did not give consent, their images were not shown. Subjects who are silhouetted gave consent on camera to be seen in silhouette.
(Excerpted from release written on 12/12/06)

At the moment a feature is in the works. Stay tuned.

November 06, 2007 11:53 AM  

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