Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Case of Robert A. Singer - CEO, National Children's Museum

From the National Children's Museum:
Statement in Response to Arrest of Robert Singer

Today, officials from the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement informed us that an employee, Mr. Robert Singer, had been arrested on charges of distributing child pornography over the Internet.

We are horrified by the charges. This news is deeply upsetting to the National Children's Museum family.

We have pledged our complete cooperation to law enforcement officials, and will support their ongoing investigation in any way possible.

We are taking immediate action. Pending legal proceedings, Mr. Singer has been suspended, effective immediately, and is barred from the property.

At its essence, the National Children's Museum is about enriching the lives of children. We are educators, child welfare advocates, and parents. Anyone who does anything that might endanger the welfare of a child has no place here. Harming children is against everything we stand for as an organization, and as individuals.

The National Children’s Museum facility has been closed to the public since 2004. The Museum operates from administrative offices as we work to build a new facility scheduled to open in 2012.

We will comment further as additional information becomes available.


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