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WARNING: If you are a single woman in Passaic, NJ stay away from Jonathan Berkowitz

WARNING: It could be dangerous to date Jonathan Berkowitz (AKA: Yochanan Berkowitz, Yohanatan Berkowitz, Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz)

If you know of any single women in Passaic, NJ make sure they are aware that they could become the next victim of a sex crime if they date Berkowitz!

There have been several complaints made against Yochanan Berkowitz over the last few years of being sexually inappropriate on dates. There has also been one allegation of date rape. I've been told by a reliable source that the rabbonim of both Passaic and Monsey feel that Yochanan is ok to be dating, even though he has never under gone a evaluation by a mental health professional who specializes in evaluating alleged sex offenders.

Berkowitz's past alleged victims seem to be young, beautiful women who are going through some sort of personal crisis.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why can I find more information about Berkowitz besides the fact that he's a social worker in private practice?

Jonathan Berkowitz, MSW, LCSW, MSE.d
Psychotherapist/School Psychologist

As a Clinical Psychotherapist and School Psychologist for over 12 years I am genuinely committed to creating a safe space to help facilitate and enhance the quality of life for all of my clients. I counsel children, adolescents, families, adults, and couples. My training and post graduate experience is very eclectic and includes the following approaches; gestalt, and cognitive behavioral therapy for adults and adolescents, play therapy for children, Ackerman's therapy for families, and Imago couples work. I am well versed in many aspects of psychological adjustment including anxiety, phobias, depression, survivors of abuse, social difficulties, child and adolescent behavioral management, job related issues, general stress reduction, and couples and partners therapy.

I have run a myriad of groups as well. I am a certified Yoga, Breath Work & Meditation (YBM) instructor and incorporate this training into the therapeutic process. I incorporate a holistic approach to the therapeutic process - emotional, behavioral, spiritual, and cognitive aspects of the client are vital to the process of counseling. We all experience times in life when we feel a bit off-center . Therapy can provide needed relief, a sense of peace, release us from anxiety, and empower us to reach our potential. I regard the process of counseling as completely personal and tailor it to each individual, family or couple. We will set the goals and the time frame to fit your needs and expectations. If you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions regarding the process of being in therapy or any of the services we offer, please feel to call or email.
Contact Jonathan at

August 26, 2007 8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another one:
Yochanan Berkowitz - Family Therapy
Yochanan Berkowitz - Family Therapy
Yochanan Berkowitz is genuinely committed to creating a safe space to help facilitate and enhance the quality of life for his clients.

Yochanan has twelve years of experience in the mental health field and specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy for adults, adolescents, and children. He is well versed in many aspects of psychological adjustment including anxiety, phobias, depression, social and relational difficulties, medical illness, child and adolescent behavioral management, job related issues, and general stress reduction. Yochanan Berkowitz runs a myriad of groups as well.

Yochanan's approach is to provide a supportive and humanistic place where a client can be heard and also receive feedback. He uses an eclectic combination of different therapies in order to tailor the work to meet the individual’s needs and goals.Yochanan Berkowitz also incorporates a holistic approach where an individual’s spiritual beliefs are incorporated and the mind-body connection can be explored.

As an Individual, Family and Couples therapist Yochanan Berkowitz is able to help people improve their emotional well being, enhance their ability to engage in interpersonal relationships and empower them with the tools necessary to take control of their lives. Yochanan Berkowitz has been privileged to have the opportunity to assist people in changing their lives and would welcomes the opportunity to take that journey with you as well.

Yochanan Berkowitz adds another dimension to his services by providing didactic, interactive and experiential workshops that assist participants by working on specific topics of concern to enhance their lives. The workshops and events provide a safe environment to connect more deeply and explore what needs changing. In this safe, holding and nurturing environment participants learn relevant information and new perspectives that change their world-view, reposition themselves for success in any area of their life, feel understood and "gotten", connect more deeply with loved ones, and gain new tools and skills set for immediate implementation.

They are enlightening, inspirational, motivational, and provide tons of resources to take home. Let yourself be captivated by one of our dynamic and life changing workshops, and get moving on creating the life and relationship of your dreams

--------------Yochanan Berkowitz - Credentials
EXPERIENCE - Yochanan Berkowitz

Full time jobs

N.Y. City Public Schools I.S. 62~ Brooklyn, NY ~ September 1993 ~ June 1994
Worked with students with emotional handicaps in 6th and 7th grade. Created lesson plans and made modifications based on students’ individualized educational plans (IEP). Led student team meetings with an emphasis on behavior management. Developed a career guidance class. Initiated parent contact. Maintained student records and peer support.
Yochanan Berkowitz

Board of Education ~ Brooklyn, NY ~ September 1994 ~ June 2006
Worked with children of all ages. Participated on a child study team, case managing a caseload that ranged from 40-70 students. Participated and led initial, eligibility, parent, revision and annual meetings. I observed, interviewed, and tested children in a variety of settings, using a wide spectrum of testing material. Established and maintained close ties with both the administrative staff, as well as all the teachers, therapist, and aids. Kept current with the state codes, parental rights and laws. Received excellent individual, team, and district wide supervision. Created and implemented behavior modification plans, as well as a plethora of other forms.

Part time jobs- afternoons/evenings
Yochanan Berkowitz

Jewish family Services ~ Clifton, NJ Summer 2005 ~ present (part-time)
Counseled children, adolescents, couples, and families. Area of specialty is in individual and family problems, troubled relationships, parent-child issues, separation and divorce, anxiety and depression. Worked predominantly with individuals however I also ran many different psycho-educational groups. Wrote TPR’S and billed various insurances
Yochanan Berkowitz

Bikur Cholim Department Of Clinical Services~ Rockland, NY~ July 2004 ~ May 2005
(10-month contract)
Supervised 10 professionals working under my auspices. Implemented a new billing system, allowing revenues to increase by 200%. Prepared clinic for OMH audit, using corrective plan of action, and a thorough utilization review system. After passing the audit and receiving a tier II certification, put into effect all changes. Worked closely with state and local officials to raise monies and obtain additional support. Created outreach program with local community.
Yochanan Berkowitz

Fordham Tremont Center~ Bronx, NY~ July 2003~ June 2004
Assisted the directors in implementing OMH rules, regulations, and procedures. I prepared the clinic for two audits. Conducted quarterly Utilization Reviews. Served as Liaison between the clinic and various HMO’S. Attended various meetings by state, and city representatives. I supervised social work students. Maintained a small caseload of individual and group cases.
Yochanan Berkowitz

Jewish Board of Family & Children Services ~ Brooklyn, NY ~ March 2002 ~ June 2003
Worked with children, adults, families, and couples in need of a variety of mental health services. Performed administrative tasks, supervised caseworkers, and social work students. Maintained a caseload of both individual, group psychotherapy clients. Performing intakes. Led clinical service team meetings. Managed service operations and treatment planning.
Yochanan Berkowitz

New Hope Guild ~ Brooklyn, NY ~ September 1999 ~ July 2000
Worked with adults and children. Maintained a caseload of adult patients requiring individual therapy. Engaged in play therapy with pre-school age children. Attended weekly supervision with the Clinic Director.
Yochanan Berkowitz

Maimonides Psychiatric Outpatient ~ Brooklyn NY ~ Sept. 1998 ~ May 1999
Worked with severely disabled patients. Maintained clients casework, SSI and Medicaid paperwork. Engaged clients in individual and group therapy.
Yochanan Berkowitz

Jewish Board of Family & Children Services ~ Brooklyn, NY ~ Summer 1996
Worked with both adolescents and adults, predominately foster families. Conducted intake therapy sessions. Helped with placements, individual counseling, and play therapy with younger children.
Yochanan Berkowitz

Masters of Clinical Social Work (CSW) ~ June 1999 ~ 3.85 GPA

Masters of Science in School Psychology ~ June 1996 ~ 3.74 GPA

Bachelor of Science in Psychology ~ June 1994 ~ 3.52 GPA
Yochanan Berkowitz

Post Masters in Gestalt Therapy ~ September 2002

Post Masters in Early Childhood and Adolescence Psychotherapy~ June 2000


August 26, 2007 8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Berkowitz is also listed here:

Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz - Yoga Instructor

Yochanan Berkowitz & Jonathan Berkowitz on the
Benefits of Hatha Yoga

When Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz talks to his clients about yoga, he is referring to a 5,000-year-old philosophy. Hatha yoga incorporates slow stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques which result in wonderful physical and emotional benefits.

The word yoga originally comes from the Greek term "yoke." In this definition, yoke means to connect.

When Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz practiced a few minutes each day, Hatha yoga helped him connect with his body by helping him clear his mind and focus his attention inward. He can help you achieve the inner peace you've been searching for.
Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz on the concept of Hatha Yoga

The whole concept behind Hatha yoga is really pretty basic and some of those aerobic stretches you might see in the newspaper or at your health club are actually based on Hatha yoga stretches. The difference is that Hatha yoga stretches are referred to as "postures" that are performed slowly and gently rather than energetically and repetitively.

As a result, Hatha yoga is an ideal practice for almost everyone, no matter what physical shape they're in. Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz's classes consist of many people with different fitness levels. Some of Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz's students have neck and back problems, chronic headaches, shoulder or knee injuries.

Yoga is one of the best exercises for people with arthritis and heart disease. It is also highly recommended for pregnant women.

Regular practice of Hatha yoga involves very little equipment - all you need is a quiet place, about thirty minutes a day and comfortable clothing. But this minimal investment of time can bring a variety of benefits including flexibility, increased muscle tone, better posture, reduced PMS, fewer daily aches and pains, more inner peace and a better attitude toward life.

Hatha yoga with Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz, practiced in conjunction with a low-fat diet and moderate exercise can actually reverse clogged arteries and coronary diseases.

The stretching and breathing performed in Hatha yoga helps improve circulation. This, in turn, provides regular nourishment to cells throughout your body. If your cells don't receive enough nourishment, they grow sick and die. As a result, you can frequently feel sick and tired. After even a week of practicing Hatha yoga, however, you may feel rejuvenated and stronger than you have in years.

Frequent computer users and desk sitters should know that Hatha Yoga with Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz is outstanding for releasing physical tension, especially in the head, neck, shoulders and lower back. Doing some stretches at work for the neck, arms and lower back can help reduce aches and pains received while hunched over a keyboard.

In this day and age when people are frantically searching for fountains of youth in bottles and books, yoga keeps us looking young and radiant as we grow older. The combination of flexibility, cleansing breaths and inner serenity helps deter aging. With the help of Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz 50, 60, and 70-year-olds who practice yoga regularly look and feel healthy.
When it comes to starting a yoga program, Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz suggests the following tips...

Take it slow. You're not trying to win a marathon or an aerobics competition when practicing yoga.

The whole point of the technique and philosophy is to enter and leave postures slowly and gently.

Breathe slowly and frequently. Deep breathing in Hatha yoga helps you maintain focus while bringing more oxygen to your blood stream and muscles.

Practice yoga regularly. Even if you only have enough time to do just a few postures a day, you'll still notice an overall increase in your health, flexibility, vitality and attitude toward life.

Stretch as far as you can - and don't force it. Even if you've never done a stretch in your life and your flexibility is equivalent to that of a two-by-four, you can still benefit from Hatha yoga stretches.

Do what you can to maintain comfort. For example, those who might suffer from low-back problems should perform floor postures with knees bent rather than legs straight out.
If the idea of sitting cross-legged on the floor is an unpleasant one, feel free to use a chair. The lotus position isn't a requirement when it comes to "stretching it out" and receiving the incredible benefits of Hatha yoga.

August 26, 2007 8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Berkowitz also started a web page using his Hebrew name to do couples counseling.

August 26, 2007 8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He created all these web pages to google bomb his name into cleanliness. When he puts lots of positive information about himself on the internet, the negative info gets pushed down in the search results. There are companies out there you can pay to do this, he's probably using one of their services.

August 26, 2007 12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the material from his web pages are copied from other sites. Even some that he has listed as his own copyright. I saw that some of the material on stress looked familiar - and when I googled the exact words I found the original sources very easily. Does anyone know if that's legal?

June 11, 2008 11:59 PM  

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