Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Richard Schwartz, PhD, LMFT
I think this training could be helpful for those who work with survivors of sexual violence and or any kind of childhood trauma.

The Center for Self Leadership
Internal Family Systems (IFS
) is at the forefront of a movement in psychotherapy toward a more collaborative approach that relies on clients' intuitive wisdom. Therapists and related professionals have broadened their expertise and expanded the scope of their practice through IFS training. The Center for Self Leadership is having their Level 1 IFS Training in New York City starting in October, 2007.

The Internal Family Systems Model
Developed over the past twenty years, Internal Family Systems can be easily integrated with a wide variety of practices. The Model provides a set of original techniques that create a safe environment for clients to become Self-transforming. Internal Family Systems Therapy is a simple yet sophisticated integration of intrapsychic and family systems theory and technique, and of psychology and spirituality, that:
  • works with couples, families, groups, and children
  • is effective in healing trauma safely, without backlash or overwhelm
  • helps therapist stay centered and open-hearted
  • provides a user-friendly language for therapy that encourages disclosure and empathy
  • brings therapist and client into contact with the beauty and joy that lies beneath protectiveness
  • is respectful of client's pace/leadership
  • reduces "resistance" by appreciating and respecting client's protective parts
  • establishes an enjoyable, collaborative partnership between therapist and client

The Training Program
Experienced Lead Trainer Susan McConnell will team up with Dick Schwartz and an experienced local staff to bring you this invaluable personal and professional learning opportunity. For more information on the training staff please click the links below.

For More Info on the Training Staff Click Here

In addition to thoroughly learning IFS theory and technique, the Internal Family Systems Level 1 (Basic) Training Program invites participants to explore their own inner worlds in a safe nurturing context. Participants will:
  • understand the conceptual base of the IFS Model
  • apply basic IFS techniques to various clinal popluations
  • take advantage of the opportunities the Model offers for personal development
Format includes lecture, discussion, demonstration, video review, experiential exercise, and small group supervision and practice. Six three-day weekend retreats over the course of one year totals 18 training days, 120 program hours. A Certificate of Completion is awarded. Participants are not certified. Continuing education credit is available through the continuing education sponsor, The Institute for Continuing Education.

Registration deadline: September 1, 2007.
Enrollment is limited to 30 participants.

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