Monday, July 16, 2007

Favorite Articles on Healing From Sexual Abuse

Below are Ten of my favorite articles on line relating to healing from sexual abuse.
If you know of others please post them along with the web page you found them at.

  1. Common Coping Mechanisms Used by Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse - by Vicki Polin and Gail Roy
  2. Common Symptoms of Survivors of Childhood Abuse - by Vicki Polin and Gail Roy
  3. Coping with Trance States: The Aftermath of Leaving - by Refocus
  4. Growing up Paddled, Belted, Switched or Swatted - Spanking is Never OK! - by Vicki Polin, Michael J. Salamon and Na'ama Yehuda.
  5. It Hurts (Leaving a Cult) - by Jan Groenveld
  6. Post Cult Trauma Syndrome - by Refocus
  7. Questions to Ask Yourself Before Disclosing, Confronting or Going Public About Surviving Sexual Violence - by Vicki Polin
  8. Rabbis, Confidentiality and Other Ethical Issues - by Victoria Polin, Michael J. Salamon
  9. Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Testifying at Legislative Hearings - by Bob Russell - Coordinator, SNAP of Maryland and Vicki Polin - Executive Director, The Awareness Center, Inc.
  10. Top Ten Skill of Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse - by Aubrieta Hope


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excellent! thank you for posting these.

July 16, 2007 8:35 PM  

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