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WARN PARENTS IN CHICAGO - Case of Dr. Eugene Aronin

The Awareness Center, Inc.
(The Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault)

P.O. Box 65273, Baltimore, MD 21209


Recently The Awareness Center obtained more background information regarding the case of Prof. Eugene Aronin, which we felt was important to make public.

The first allegations of Gene Aronin perpetrating sex crimes against children occurred in the 1970's. Prior to this we were only aware of his conviction back in 1983. The first known allegations were reported in Joppatown, MD when he worked as a school guidance counselor. We also were not aware of the allegations what were made against him in the 1990's.

Dr. Gene Aronin is currently employed at the National College of Education.

The Awareness Center has been told that the special Vaad of
HaRabbonim (Board of Rabbis) in Chicago that is set up to deal with sex crimes is aware of Aronin's past history, yet do not feel he needs to monitored when in public or escorted in building in which children could be present. We have been told that Gene Aronin is currently BARRED from the kollel in West Rogers Park.

We have also been hearing rumors that there may be more recent child victims, yet do not have concrete information.

Given Aronin past history, The Awareness Center feels he should be seen as a danger to all children. Please warn parents in the Chicagoland area. (see below for more information).

If you or someone you know has been sexually violated by Eugene Aronin please contact
Rape Victim Advocates (RVA) in Chicago or The Awareness Center.


  • Case of Gene Aronin
  • (1970's) School Counselor, Magnolia Middle School - Joppatown, MD
  • (1981 - 1983) School Counselor, Hillsdale Elementary School - Aberdeen, TX
  • (1981 - 1983) Assistant Professor in Education at Texas Tech University - Lubbock, TX
  • (1990 - 1992) - Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL
  • (2003 - Present) - National Lewis University/National College of Education - Evanston, IL
  • (1984 - 2007) Palatine, IL
  • (2007) - West Rogers Park / Chicago, IL

Eugene Loub Aronin, is a convicted sex offender who is currently not listed on the National Sex Offender Registry. Dr. Aronin is also an orthodox Jew who studies unsupervised at a local Kollel in West Rogers Park where children are present.

In the past, prior to moving to Texas, Dr. Eugene Aronin had worked as a counselor at the Magnolia Middle School in Joppatowne, Maryland. According to published newspaper reports, and letters from mothers provided to the Lubbock, Texas Rape Crisis Center, Dr. Aronin had allegedly sexually molested several young boys in that community prior to moving to Texas.

On February 16, 1983, while employed at Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, Tx. Dr. Aronin was indicted in five counts. The first count alleged deviate sexual intercourse (sodomy) with a boy under the age of 17 with intent to arouse and gratify his own sexual desires.

On July 30, 1984, after waiving a jury trial, Dr. Aronin was found guilty of the offense of aggravated sexual abuse committed on August 19, 1982, and indecency with a child, committed on August 20, 1982 and August 21, 1982, second degree felonies. Dr. Aronin was placed on probation for a period of ten years.

In January 1984, Dr. Aronin's sentence was modified to allow him to reside in Cook County, Illinois.

In November, 1991, allegedly molested the son of one of his students at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), Chicago, IL. His adult student went to see Dr. Aronin about some course-related business and happened to have her son with her. Dr. Aronin invited the boy to stay in an NEIU computer lab to play educational games on the computer while his mother went to the library to meet with other students about a group project. The student further said that Dr. Aronin had suggested that her son work as a child tester for educational programs that Dr. Aronin was developing. The student felt that this was a great opportunity for her son and, therefore, left him in the computer lab with Dr. Aronin.

About one week after the events described above, the student returned to the NEIU computer lab with her son. The student sat in a more remote area of the computer lab reading while her son worked with Dr. Aronin. The student observed Dr. Aronin reach around her son from behind, tickle his stomach, and then place his hands on her son's "privates." This event happened at least three times according to the mother's observation. Later, after taking her son away from the computer lab, the mother questioned her son and learned that he had been similarly touched by Dr. Aronin on previous occasion mentioned above.

In late September 1992, the Palatine, Illinois Police Department contacted NEIU's University Police to inquire about Dr. Aronin. The Palatine Police Department had received an anonymous letter asserting that Dr. Aronin was a child molester. Upon looking into this matter, the University learned that Dr. Aronin had previously been employed between 1981 and 1983 as an Assistant Professor in Education at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

According to a Northeastern Illinois report, Dr. Aronin had used several children as "testers" for his educational computer games. In addition, Dr. Aronin traveled to various public elementary schools in the Chicago area to supervise student teachers at those schools.

Dr. Gene Aronin is currently employed as an Adj. Professor at National Lewis University (National College of Education) located in Evanston, Illinois. He is also on the International Board of Editors of the
Journal of Information Technology Education (As of April 27, 2007)

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More information to come soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1] Eugene Aronin is an outcast and on the fringe of the Chicago Orthodox community. All who see him look at him like a homeless beggar. The Kollel was Aronin's Last Stand. The Special Bais Din shot that out of the water. Most normal children know to stay away from a freakie guy like him.

The greater danger that must be dealt with is the coverup of the Yosef Meystel story by the Chicago Rabbis. He looks normal, is a gabbai, given all the honors of an upstanding member of society. Therefore he is a far greater risk to society. A parent has a harder job convincing a child of the clear and present danger of Meystel.

June 11, 2007 1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gene Aronin is spending a lot of time at Chabad of Niles. He is in very poor health, but still very manipulative.

February 04, 2009 10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This man was molesting children on the University of Illinois Campus in the late 1960's and no one would listen then. I was in 5th grade.

June 23, 2012 4:55 AM  

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