Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Survivors Testimony Needed in Dover Today!

“The last true frontier in civil rights in the United States is that of children's rights. It is our country's ugly secret that massive numbers of children are abused. Yet the law has been excruciatingly slow both in stopping ongoing abuse, and in deterring abuse before it happens.”

It is not too late to speak up for children.

After nearly 20 hours of debate in committees and on the Senate floor, the Child Victim’s Act, Senate Bill 29, will finally be heard before the full House.

The opponents of SB 29 are trying to derail this critical civil rights legislation for children in any way possible. We must not let this happen. The children of Delaware need your help one more time. Please come to Dover for the hearing on Tuesday, June 19 at 3 p.m. (Note: The starting time is dependent on the length of the caucus meetings that must be over before the hearing can begin.)

Wear red. Wear your SB 29 buttons. Bring a carload of friends. Come to Dover today.

For directions and more information, please visit www.childvictimsvoice.com.

Thank you,

Coalition to Pass SB 29
E-mail: info@child victimsvoice.com


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