Friday, June 15, 2007

Stefan Colmer arrested in Israel on sex abuse charges

Israel Nabs Brooklyn Sexual Predator
New York Post
June 15, 2007

Brooklyn, NY - A suspect of preying on as many as a dozen young boys in Brooklyn, NY was arrested in Israel following his indictment on charges he abused two 13-year-olds.

Stefan Colmer, 30, a computer technician and salesman, was picked up by Israeli police in Jerusalem at the request of the U.S. Justice and State departments.

Colmer was indicted by a Brooklyn grand jury for allegedly abusing boys. He was charged with eight counts of committing a criminal act and faces up to seven years in prison. "We are looking to have him extradited," said Sandy Silverstein, a spokesman for Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes.

The investigation began last fall following rumors that Colmer had lured boys at the Mirrer Yeshiva to his nearby home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Extradition! (from the Broadway sensation Fondler on the Roof)

Extradition, extradition! Extradition!
Extradition, extradition! Extradition!

Who, day and night, must sodomize talmidim,
tell them it's okay, behind shadowy closed doors?
And who has the right, as scoffers of the law,
to seek asylum in the Holy Land?

The Rebbeim, the Rebbeim! Extradition!
The Rebbeim, the Rebbeim! Extradition!

Who must know the way to run a yeshiva,
A quiet yeshiva, a kosher yeshiva?
Who must squirrel away all the sexual abuse,
To perpetuate the torah way?

The hanhala, the hanhala! Extradition!
The hanhala, the hanhala! Extradition!

At three, I learned the alef bais.
At four, my balls were fondled.
I hear they found the bastard.
I hope he rots in hell.

The talmidim, the talmidim! Extradition!
The talmidim, the talmidim! Extradition!

And who is it that makes sure
that whatever comes to pass,
molesters of children
will get it up their ass?

The zroya netuyah! Extradition!
Of the law! The law! Extradition!

January 15, 2008 12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tip: Stefan Colmer. Orthodox pedafile. Is in hiding in Passaic, NJ. He resides in an apartment building just within the community. He was kicked out of several, apartments, including a basement where the family with children lived above. After he was asked to leave that apartment, he signed a lease Jan. 2012. He resides at 43 High Street, Apartment #4. Passaic, NJ 07055. I am in touch with the Passaic, Police department. They viewed all the evidence I presented to them, they have to move slow, because even scum, like Stefan Colmer has rights, and they have to act within the law in order to apprehend him. I call the Passaic Police department daily, It breaks my heart he is living in an apartment 2 blocks from Passaic High School. Its unconfirmed but he is supposedly on the lamb. They cant just knock on his door. I have the pictures from the internet, it matches. The pictures are 8-15 years old. He is wearing glasses that are of strong perscription. He has the exact same features, and height. He served time in prison, and I was inhis apartment and saw there is no furniture. He answered the door, "leave me alone", windows dont even let a drop of light in. He is being helped by an orthodox couple. Mordechai and Chayah Eita Lapedis. Mordechai is his uncle. They have him for Shabbos and helped him get set up over here. I illuded to his past he denied it. I am a very intelligent person and he is not, and its quite obvious that something is not right here. I hope I am wrong. But I am responsible and realize that any person of sound mind and soul would be doing what I am doing. Please investigate. He claims he drives a truck and is divorced. The divorce also matches because the first marriage ended upon his running to Israel. He got out of jail, remarried this lady and now is divorced from her. Do a mitzvah and you have a good story, sad but one that can help correct the wrongs of our community and put this very ill man away. He also when spoken to keeps talking about women, can I find him a woman. Its completley odd. He is now over 300 pounds and according to a detective at the Passaic, Park Police Department, that is very often the cover they take to hide, they gain massive amounts of weight. Its not 100% but its 90% he matches the pictures on the internet search, Stefan Colmer. Mir Yeshivah. I hope what I have tipped you is helpful and we will someday live in a better world. I have been giving the evidence to Detective Dianne Ortiz at the Passaic, Police Department. They have massive red tape they have to go through just to approach this guy to check him out. I personally would appologize to him if its not him. But I wouldnt regret it, because of sound mind, this guy certainly warrants my actions as a person that I try to be a good person. Detective Ortiz 973 365 3945. He prays at Rabbi Davis's symnagogue and 2 other synagogues.Rabbi Ron Eiseman is the Rabbi at the Ahavas Israel, where the Lapedis family has been helping Stefan establish himself.

March 23, 2012 10:37 PM  

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