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Rabbi Shea Harlig and Chabad of Southern Las Vegas Vs. A Rape Victim

Rabbi Harlig is attempting to sue a rape victim for attorney fees. This is a rape victim of a convicted sex offender who is on the national sex offender list. Right before Passover, 2007 Rabbi Harlig is seen at the US House of Representatives. The rape victim in this case has been trying to fight the corruption in Las Vegas for the last several years. What chance does she have when she's fighting the mob?

Here's a video of Harlig's Chabad of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas). The same location where a crime was committed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

770 Eastern Parkway

Rabbi Yehuda krinsky

Chabad Lubavitcher

The Rebbe Schneerson would close his eyes and put his head down at the Corruption and Shame in which you have allowed to follow alone the path in Las vegas.

"Anovim, higia zeman ge'ulashem"

The humble Rabbi Y. Krinsky can you be that someone, the time has arrived for that redemption to redeem those invovled. I say where is the "Yiddishkait" of those invovled?

The "shaliach" those who were allowed by 770 Eastern Parkway to go out and save Jews and bring them back to the Torah way of life. What happened in Las Vegas?

Those "shaliach" have been allowed to be protected for crimes, abuse, extortion, sex crimes, harassment, civil conspiracy, blackmail, brivery and exploting the victim.

This unprofessional Conduct by a "Chabad Shaliach" who had late nights appointments with the victim alone in his office and under "Halakha" this is against the law.

By the same "770 Easstern Parkway" and you "Rabbi Y. Krinsky", are allowing for a "stumbling block to be placed before a fellow Jewess" and a victim of Chabad to be allowed and want her to have a gag upon her mouth and pay for the sex crimes and abusive cimes which were done to her.

As allowed by our laws it is a "Shulkahan Arukh" a 'mitzva" to expose the truth of abusive Rabbis who abuse those who trust them and become victims again by them.

Again I ask you with "Yiddishkait" redeem those invovled and do "right by the victim in this case" and protect her.

Beloved Rachael

June 21, 2007 3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabad Motto? If At First You Don't Succeed, Sue the Victim
Failed Messiah
June 21, 2007

A Chabad man serves as the hazzan of a Chabad synagogue. Several years ago, outside another synagogue after a community event, the Chabad hazzan sexually assaults a woman who is a member of the Chabad synagogue. He is eventually arrested and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of lewd conduct. He is sentenced, serves a very brief time, is given probation and community service.

Meanwhile, the victim civilly sues Chabad, in part because she claims Chabad sheltered the hazzan. Now Chabad has sought a judgment against the victim for more than $175,000 in attorneys' fees, and a judge is about to grant that.

The Chabad? Las Vegas, Nevada. The Rabbi, Shea Harlig. The hazzan, Michael Segelstein. As Jewish Survivors notes:

Rabbi Harlig is attempting to sue a rape victim for attorney fees. This is a rape victim of a convicted sex offender who is on the national sex offender list.

Immediately after the arrest, Rabbi Harlig falsely claimed this victim – who worked in the synagogue's kitchen – was not Jewish. She went to the RCA's beit din. They investigated and found Rabbi Harlig's claim false. The woman is the daughter of a Jewish holocaust survivor from Vienna, Austria. The beit din issued her a document verifying her Jewishness. But, during the time the beit din was investigating Rabbi Harlig's false claims, this woman's teenage son – a very active synagogue goer and participant – was forced to sit in the back of the synagogue. He was banned from receiving aliyot or leading services. And he was shunned by other members, as was his mother, apparently at the direction of Rabbi Harlig.

And the man who attempted to rape this woman? He is a proud member of Chabad to this day, leading services and fully participating in synagogue life.

A double standard? You bet it is. And that double standard is sanctioned by and orchestrated by Chabad-Lubavitch.

June 22, 2007 12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Chabad in many states (each of which has its own "head"- Read that as "Don") functions independently. Some places, like in Maryland, for example, the head is an upstanding guy who works well with others and doesn't take more than his fair share. In some places, Chabad really functions as a solid organization the way the Rebbe, z"l intended.
In other places, for example, South Florida and apparently, Nevada, the organization is really "that thing of ours" (Cosa Nostra).
The "Head of state" is the Don and he has all his little Captains in their various communities with their crews of other Chabadniks and Baalei Battim. In each community they suck and suck and suck all the money they can in the name of "Torah and Tradition", they have County officials in their pockets, (many times because they build developments around their synagogues and help to pad the tax rolls)and the declare themselves to be "The Rov" of each community, exclusively. And as long as they are raising their own money and kicking some upstairs to the big guy, they have 0 accountability and can do as they please.
They make sure they get positive press, keep the long beards etc. while still living in mega mansions (where'd they get that money?) and driving around in Lexus's.

You do anything to try and develop the community in your own way, or you get another shul that could take membership away from the local Chabad and your sweet Chabadnik becomes a vicious bulldog.
They have been known to sever their own people when in best benefits the "family".

You think the Sopranos are gone?
My friends, they exist right in our midst in the guise of Chabadniks all over the country. They're not eating Capocuollo (Gabbagool), they're eating kishke and drinking vodka. "A Salut" has been replaced with "L'Chaim".

The day a corrupt Chabadnik whether it be in Boynton Beach, Los Angeles or Las Vegas is actually held accountable for his actions and misdeeds, it will be both justice, and unfortunately, a HUGE chillul haShem (desecration of God's name) since they purport themselves to be religious Jews.

Did you know that a "Captain" (Shaliach) in a Florida community allegedly actually charged a congregant tens of thousands of dollars for an aron kodesh, which his neighbor built, then used the money to take his family to Israel?
Check this out:
`Duped' donor sues rabbi

By Missy Diaz

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 21, 2006

When Loretta Miller's husband of more than 26 years died in October 2003, her rabbi suggested she donate an ark -- a sacred chest to house the Torah -- in his memory.

Miller has sued Rabbi Mendy Muskal of the Chabad Lubavitch in Wellington and claims his family used the $18,000 she donated to boost their lifestyle, take a family trip to Israel and deliver an ark that cost only $2,000.

Sometime before the scheduled October 2004 unveiling of the ark memorializing Jordan Miller, his widow said in an interview, she learned she had been 'duped.' While at the Muskals' home, Loretta Miller said, the rabbi took her into his garage and showed her a wood cabinet with mahogany veneer on top of plywood.

'It looked like somebody did it as a hobby and it just looked horrible,' she said. 'It looked like an armoire.'

Muskal denies all of Miller's allegations and says he's confident a court will agree he did nothing wrong.

'We'll be proven to be meritorious in this,' he said, adding that donations are not spent on a dollar-for-dollar basis. 'We need those funds for operating and programming. That's how we're able to provide half a dozen classes a week for free.'

On the advice of his attorney, Muskal declined to comment on the cost of the ark or who built it.

The suit, filed in August, names Muskal, 38, his wife, the synagogue and its advisory board members.

The Muskals, Miller says, told her that the cost of a customized ark, including shipping, would be $18,000. An expert in New York would make it, Miller said she was told, and she was promised three designs from which she could choose. She wrote the check and said she specifically designated the funds for the ark, nothing else.

Miller says the Muskals' lifestyle changed for the better soon after she delivered the check.

'He didn't have any money before I gave him the $18,000,' she said. 'He always gave chicken legs for dinners and suddenly he's giving chicken breasts and putting better wine on [his] table than he normally has. He became very wealthy on my money.'

Time passed, she said, and she heard nothing but excuses about the ark. She was shocked when she learned the Muskals and their five children -- they now have six -- had taken a trip to Israel in June 2004, staying for two months.

Mendy Muskal acknowledges the trip, but said that although his family stayed for two months, he was there only 10 days. Miller alleges the Muskals vacationed on the ark money.

She questions how they afforded the international flights when about the same time, a Palm Beach County judge had ordered Mendy Muskal to pay $12,945 to MBNA America Bank for defaulting on his debt, court records show. The judgment still hasn't been satisfied and the case against Muskal was re-opened in 2005, records show.

Muskal declined to comment on that suit, saying it's 'a personal matter.'

When Miller first laid eyes on the ark in Muskal's garage, she said the rabbi told her his Israeli neighbor, who woodworks as a hobby, built it for $2,000. She said she immediately told Muskal she wanted her money back, to which he allegedly replied: 'I'm not going to let my children starve because you want your money back.'

At the Oct. 21, 2004, unveiling, Miller claims the ark was still not completed.

'It was stained, that was about it,' she said. 'He didn't have a curtain on it, he didn't have my husband's name on it and it looked like it needed work. I was supposed to pick out a design and he picked it out. It's not what I ordered. I ordered an $18,000 ark and got a $2,000 ark.'

Muskal disputes Miller's allegations, saying she, along with others at the service, 'oohed and aahed' at the ark's beauty.

He also adamantly denies the ark was unfinished and presented the South Florida Sun-Sentinel with photographs of the ark he said were taken at the 2004 High Holiday services, underscoring his assertion. He acknowledges the curtain was unfinished but said 2004's active hurricane season caused the delay.

In her lawsuit, Miller also said she was provided a receipt containing the synagogue's Tax ID number, which she planned to use to write off the $18,000 as a deduction on her taxes. But according to the state Division of Corporations, the synagogue's nonprofit status was dissolved from sometime in 2002 until May 2005.

Muskal blamed the dissolution on a 'clerical error,' explaining that he neglected to file the necessary paperwork.

'The moment we found out about it we took care of it,' he said.

Miller reported what she found to the IRS, which she says informed her that 'his receipts are worth nothing.'

'They said I better not present those receipts or I would be audited,' Miller said.

When an organization loses its corporate status, it also loses a shield of protection from liability, according to Palm Beach tax attorney David Halpen.

'The directors, the rabbi and the people who were in charge of the synagogue are the ones who are most at risk if a court agrees that the synagogue was not a valid corporation,' he said. 'The individual donors can go after the synagogue and the IRS can also go after the synagogue.'

In her lawsuit, Miller is seeking $16,000, plus $3,000 for pain and suffering as well as court costs and interest.

'He preyed on my goodness, my grief, my charity,' she said. 'He and his wife were like a vulture that came down and went after me.'

The rabbi said he has worked seven years to build his synagogue from a few families to more than 100 and he hopes Miller's accusations won't affect their good works.

'It's so easy to destroy, yet so difficult to build,' he said.
They eventually settled out of court in a "confidential" settlement (read that as payoff), but no accountability.

Good Luck holding these guys to the fire for anything!

June 22, 2007 8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here, Here, well said and the truth. THE TRUTH READ DOWN!!!!!

Small background by Court records.

Los Angeles Chabad Cheif Rabbi was called and New York.

Chabad Rabbi Harlig brother a Chabad Rabbi is in that Florida area with a shul. Watch out.

In the Las Vegas case understand this.

The Mayor of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman a past mafia lawyer. Is a memeber of Temple Beth Shalom where the sexual assult went down. His office said they were watching the case but for who?

Temple Beth Shalom where the sexual assult went down. One of the past Rabbis of that Temple Beth Shalom is Michael Segelstein the convictive sex offender Rabbi Father-in-law?

Temple Beth Shalom where the sexual assult went down Rep. Shelly Berkley is a member at Temple Beth Shalom.

Lionel, Sawyer and Collin ESQ lead sharholder Jeff Zucker was the President of Temple Beth Shalom were the sex crime went down.

Lionel, Sawyer and Collins law firm drove the victim by car and by an employee to the lawyer who would handle her case Bruce Gale ESQ.

Bruce Gale ESQ is a member at Temple Beth Shalom were the sexual crime went down. He did no depositions and or discovery for the victim in this case. Hurting the victim case. Intentional?

Donation were made to the Judges in this case from Lionel, Sawyer and Collins, and many others and supporters by Chabad.

Discovery remained closed after victim fired lawyer Bruce Gale ESQ.
After being warned he was hurting her case to help the other side by not doing discovery rules.The Judge who was given donations would never allow for victim to reopen discovery for a fair trial. Which protected Chabad side.

Michael Segelstein Father- in -law was Temple Beth Shalom past Rabbi for all those named, Rep. Shelly Berkley ESQ, Bruce Gale ESQ, Ocsar Goodman ESQ, Jeff Zuckr ESQ, Samuel Lionel ESQ law firm.

The Rabbi at Temple Beth Shalom were the sexual crime went down Rabbi Flipp Goodman has not supported the victim.

Court records state that Michael Segelstein said to the victim that night for rembrance of the Holocaust event at Temple Beth Shalom where the sex crime went down. Because victim had tears in her eyes becuase of her family murdered in Vienna Austria who are and were holocaust victims.

Segelstein came to her at that time in Temple Beth Shalom and said this is what Hashem wanted because the European Jews were not following Kosher laws.

Then Segelstein on that same night of rembrance does a sex crime in the paking lot of Temple Beth Shalom after stalking victim to her car from behind in a brutal sex attack.

That is Kosher Chabad to them who cares her family was not Kosher in Vienna but were nevertheless her......


June 22, 2007 5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lubavitchers are just:

"Miesket" (ugly) mean and they belive that if you let them be around you, they are doing you a favor. "Nebbishes" I know from personal time and "I mean hard time hard labor" spent in a "Chabad" they are a "nobody just a plain simpleton" that can not be heard. So abuse is the way they choose.

Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky
Rabbi Harlig

From a Yiddish man you should know by now "der emes ken arumgeyn a naketer---dem lign darf mem bakleydn". For the none Yiddish speakers and I"M sure you all agree with this. (Chabad understand--"the truth can walk around naked---the LIE has to be Covered) and is Chabad great at that.

Rabbi Krinsky/Rabbi Harlig your "RETZER RA" has shown up in this case your selfish desire for satifaction of personal need,which has loved to do evil to a victim over and over again.

Have you Rabbi Krinsky and Rabbi Harlig no YETZER TOV? YOU HAVE SHOWN NONE. No Yetzer Tov, at all you have no good impulse which motivates a desire to follow Hashems law and stop harassing this woman a victim.

Everyone knows "A shlekhter sholem iz beser vi a guter krig" ( that a bad peace is better than a good war". Punish the victim on and on. Abuse her over and over again does this bring some form of pleasure to Chabad?

What is Chabad hiding here???

What is Chabad afraid of this Jewess for to fight her so long and hard???

Something is not right here!!

As is said it goes "AZ a leyb shloft, loz im shlofm" meaning (when a lion is sleeping let him sleep).

The lion is awake now....


June 23, 2007 11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I"M worried for children at this Chabad. Help them someone!!!!!!!

June 24, 2007 1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After further consideration of the pleadings submitted and oral arguments of
cousel, the Court hereby GRANTED Defendant's Motion for Attorney's Fees
based on the itemization attached to Defendant's Motion and taxable costs in
the sum of $174,596.20. Defense counsel to prepare the order.

The Great Shaliach Chabad Abuse

CLERK'S NOTE: A copy of this minute order to be placed in the attorney
folder(s) of J. Boggess and R. S. Johnson (Driscoll Law Ofc).

June 27, 2007 12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Rabbi Krinsky is doing anything for the victim in this case?

This is a sad story for a victn to go on and on abusing her.

Are they really "shaliach" in that Chabad?

This is not the way we chabad act, I'M in shock.


June 28, 2007 10:21 PM  

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