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CALL TO ACTION: What Will It Take For Ner Israel To Wake Up?

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rabbi Moshe Eisemann

What will it take for Ner Israel to care more about the children on it's campus then they do about their "image" and that of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann?

The Apartment buildings on the campus of Ner Israel are bursting with children. Alleged child molester, rabbi Moshe Eisemann currently lives in one of these apartments.

The administration at Ner Israel had no problems "retiring" rabbi Moshe Eisemann after the decree was made by rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, yet they fell short by allowing Eisemann to remain on the Ner Israel Campus.

Besides having a rabbnical college, Ner Israel also offers a boarding school for high school aged boys. This is exactly the type of children that alleged sex offender Eisemann likes to prey upon.

When the original accusations were brought to the attention of the administration of Ner Israel, no hot-report was made.

When you have several adult survivors coming forward regarding a teacher on your campus, most normal people would suspect a child could be in danger.

I believe since Ner Israel operates a high school and the accusations made were against one of their teachers, they should be obligated to make a report. The law states if you suspect a child is at risk of harm one must report to child protective services, especially when the accusations are about a school employee.

A reliable source told me that Rabbi Eisemann is still tutoring students in his home. Some of the students are minors (teenage boys). If Rabbi Eisemann should molest another child, could there be some liablity issues on the part of Ner Israel?
FYI: Eisemann is mentioned in here. It's public record - Testimony Provided at Maryland Senate Hearing on SB575 (03/01/2007)
Everyone call child protection services in Baltimore county and make a hot-line report regarding rabbi Moshe Eisemann!

Reporting Child Abuse in the State of Maryland
Baltimore County
TEL (410) 853-3000 (24 hours) (Option 1)
FAX (410) 853-3698
Baltimore City
TEL (410) 361-2235 (24 hours)
FAX (443) 423-7003 or 7002
FAX after 3:30-hours(443) 423-5950


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Rabbi Moshe Eisemann runs the yeshiva of Kishinev (Russia)

Yeshiva of Kishinev is a branch of Vaad L'Hatzolas Nidchei Yisroel

The Vaad is a branch of Agudas Yisroel of America (rav Avi Shafran's organization)

Neustadt knew about the allegations and ignored them.

As of today alleged serial child molester, rabbi Moshe Eisemann is still on the rabbinical board of the vaad or Baltimore.

As of today rabbi Moshe Eisemann gets a paycheck from Agudah.

Nosson Neuberger of Ner Israel is the finance person of the vaad.

May 16, 2007 7:46 PM  

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