Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Warning to Synagogues In Maryland

Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center Watch Section (MCAC)
Intelligence Bulletin
Phone: 443-436-8800 Fax: 443-436-8825

April 27, 2007
Number 817a


This information is for AWARENESS ONLY in the event other agencies experience similar incidents involving this subject. Anyone needing further information should contact the Detective identified at the end of this bulletin. MCAC does not have any further information.

On Saturday April 21, 2007 a subject identified as Harold Duane Echard, White Male, DOB: 05/11/1960 entered the Kemp Mill Synagogue (KMS) and engaged in conversation with several members in the lobby. A security committee member was called out of the main sanctuary to talk with the subject. The subject asked to observe religious services, changing his request later to “participate” in the services. Based on his appearance and demeanor, the security member told the subject that his request would not be feasible.

The subject became more insistent and the security member told him the services were entirely in Hebrew. The subject said that was ok and indicated that he spoke Hebrew to some degree. The subject was asked a basic question in Hebrew and was unable to respond. The subject then directly challenged the security member as to why he could not come in. He was told his presence would be disruptive. The subject was asked to leave because his voice could be heard in the main sanctuary to which he replied “good”. He then became more animated stating that “we believe in the Torah (Hebrew Bible) too”. Upon being asked to go outside to continue the conversation the subject attempted to hand over some apparent evangelical Christian material before leaving. He then stated “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” as he left the area.

The subject was verbally aggressive but did not become physical or make any threats towards anyone. He also smelled slightly of an alcoholic beverage and his behavior was consistent with some degree of intoxication. He was seen leaving in a White 1998 Dodge Caravan with Maryland Registration 507M154.

Anyone needing further information should contact:
Detective Tod Muollo
Montgomery County Police Department
MD Joint Terrorism Task Force
Cell Phone: 240-876-2146.

Below are two photos of the subject:
Harold Duane ECHARD
W/M DOB: 05/11/1960
5’ 09” 236lbs
Heavily Tattooed Face, Neck, Back of Head: Blue Ink; Cross with horizontal arms on forehead; Vertical beam stretching down nose; Various Christian religious words; Left side of neck the word “Aryan”; The word GOD down the center of neck.


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