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US Marshals Service on Rabbi Alan Horowitz

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May 25, 2007 Deputy U.S. Marshal Gary Mattison (518) 365-9690;
U.S. State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security
Kendal Smith (571) 345-3146;
U.S. Marshals Office of Public Affairs (202) 307-9065

Child Molester/Fugitive Rabbi Alan Horowitz
Is Second Major International Arrest for U.S. Marshals This Month

New York/Washington - When convicted child molester Rabbi Alan Horowitz was arrested on May 22, at a seaside resort in southern India, it concluded the most far-flung and exotic fugitive investigation ever conducted by the U.S. Marshals Service. Like former lawman Kenneth Freeman - who had fled to China to avoid charges of raping his young daughter and posting the scenes on the internet - Horowitz now sits in a foreign jail cell awaiting return to the U.S. to face justice.

Both men were tracked down by investigators at the U.S. Marshals Service and the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

Horowitz, an ordained Orthodox Rabbi and ivy league-educated child psychologist, was convicted of 34 counts of child molestation in Schenectady County, New York. He may have imported illegal materials into the prison where he was serving time – extending his sentence, and previously he had been convicted of “perverted sexual practices” in Maryland. During the 1980s, while living in Israel, police launched an investigation into charges that Horowitz was sexually abusing some of his second wife’s children. He fled back to the United States. Even earlier in his life, he faced a similar investigation while living in North Carolina.

Most recently, he fled New York state parole in 2006, but continued to use internet communications while hiding in India. “To locate him we used a network of tipsters and some of the most extensive electronic surveillance techniques we’ve ever employed,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Gary Mattison (Northern District of New York). Mattison was the case Deputy assigned to work alongside New York authorities.

When it came time for the actual arrest, special agents of the State Department stepped in. “Diplomatic Security’s regional offices in India maintain an excellent working relationship with local law enforcement,” said Greg Starr, Director of State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service. “That type of close, worldwide capability gave us an unparalleled ability to help apprehend this fugitive.”

Horowitz was on the run from authorities for 11-months in a global manhunt. He was arrested by local police in Mahabalipuram, India. Authorities now are determining the most effective approach for returning him to law enforcement in the U.S. Last year, U.S. Marshals completed almost 500 fugitive extraditions and deportations. The federal charge against Horowitz, “unlawful flight to avoid prosecution,” was based on state parole violation warrants related to his 13-year imprisonment for sexual molestation of minors.

Earlier this month, the successful working relationship between U.S. Marshals, Diplomatic Security, and other federal agencies was credited with the arrest of Kenneth Freeman at a Hong Kong bus station. Freeman, one of the Marshals “15 Most Wanted Fugitives,” was accused of child pornography and rape. He was an avid competitive bodybuilder, computer expert, and former reserve sheriff’s deputy.

Information about other fugitives - such as accused murderer and child molester Daniel William Hiers, Jr. - may be obtained at For more information about the international law enforcement work of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, please see


Anonymous Rabbi Alan Horowitz, MD said...

From The Awareness Center's web page on Horowitz

Please use the following two links to download the pdf files relating to this case. They are the copies of the original professional discipline order regarding Rabbi Horowitz.

Highlights of the discipline order 1983 (Maryland):
On August 31, 1983 Rabbi Alan Horowitz was convicted of one count of perverted sex practice by the Circuit Court of Washington County, State of Maryland. He was then placed on probation with the following special conditions:

1. Horowitz will participate in and complete a course of psychothearpy to be conducted jointly by Joseph F. Chambers, M.D., Chairman on Physical Rehabilitation of the Medical and Chirugical Faculty of Maryland, and Dr. Issac (Yitzack) Twersky of Monsey, New York; said psychotherapy is to continue on a regular basis until released by Order of the Circuit Court for Washington County, MD.

2. Horowitz is to reside on the campus of Ohr Somayach Instititution, Monsey, New York, and shall not change his residence without prior approval of the Cirucit Court for Washington County.

Highlights of the discipline order 1992 (New York):

On August 27, 1991, Rabbi Alan J. Horowitz, MD was charged in teh Supreme Court for the State of New York on 34 counts of sodomy in the 1st degree. He was also charged with two conunts of Sodomy in the 2nd degree, one count of sexual abuse in the 3rd degree, and 4 counts of endagering the welfare of a child.

On June 29, 1992 , Rabbi Alan Jay Horowitz, MD plead guilty to one count of 1st degree sodomy.

On July 27, 1992 Rabbi Alan Horowitz was sentenced by the Honorable Clifford T. Harrigan to an indeterminate period of imprisonment with a maximum term of twenty years and a mandatory minimum term of ten years. Horowizt did not appeal the judgement of the court. He was incarcerated at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemore, NY.

On November 23, 1994, the Office of the Attorney General filed a petition to revoke Horowitz's medical license. Dr. Rabbi Horowitz had until January 6, 1995 to show cause why his license should not be revoked. No response was received.

1. Horowitz was initially licensed to practice medicine in the State of Maryland on July 29, 1981.

2.On Agust 31, 193, the Maryland Commission on Medical Discipline issued Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Ordered Horowitz's medical license by suspened. It also stated that Horowitz could petition for reinstatement of his license after a five year period. Horowitz did not petition for the reinstatement of his Maryland medical license.

May 26, 2007 1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy should NEVER have been allowed out of prison in the first place. He's been sexually abusing kids for decades and someone lets him out?

There should be ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone who touches or hurts a child in any way.

The courts, jurys and judges are all responsible.

July 09, 2007 9:36 AM  

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