Sunday, May 13, 2007

Case of Hebrew Teacher Andrew Josephs - Synagogue bans sex offender from premises

Synagogue bans sex offender from premises
European Jewish Press
May 13, 2007

LONDON (EJP)---A London synagogue has banned a convicted child sex offender from its premises indefinitely and plans to exclude all such offenders in future, the Jewish Chronicle reports today.

Andrew Josephs, 29, who is currently serving a sentence of two years and nine months for sexually abusing two boys in his barmitzvah class, is due for release in July.

But he will not be permitted to pray at the Stanmore Synagogue in North West London, where he is a member, because of parental fears about child safety.

Josephs, a former primary school teacher, was convicted in February last year and had requested to return to the synagogue’s congregation upon his release.

A special committee appointed to decide his case recommended Josephs should be banned along with all those "charged or convicted of similar offences".

Dr Nigel de Kare Silver, a synagogue official, said after discussions with the United Synagogue the decision was made to "exclude the individual concerned from synagogue premises and activities, and that such exclusion should be indefinite."

Parents at the synagogue were asked in a questionnaire whether Josephs should be given limited or no access to the building.

A United Synagogue spokesman said: "The United Synagogue is extremely respectful of the very difficult decision that Stanmore’s honorary officers reached, taking into account all the relevant circumstances."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think someone should take this article to Rav Hopfer. Maybe it will enlighten him. There's too many sex offenders davening in his shul. I guess he cares more about the offenders then he does about the children who are also inside his shul?

May 13, 2007 11:22 PM  

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