Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CALL TO ACTION: rabbi Yisroel Shapiro of Baltimore, MD

The day that rabbi Moshe Heinemann cares more about the children in Baltimore then he does about his own image -- will be the day we have a chance of ending child sexual abuse in the Baltimore Jewish community! -- Jewish Survivor,_bw_photo_portrait,_head_and_shoulders,_facing_right,_March_1,_1973.jpg

If you or anyone you know was sexually abused by rabbi Yisroel Shapiro please make a report to Child Protective Services of Maryland. Remember there is no statute of limitations on sex crimes against children in the State of Maryland.

Shapiro currently works for a kosher butcher shop and prays in a local synagogue. It is well known in the Baltimore community that he had allegedly sexually abused boys receiving Hebrew lessons from him. No police report was filed. Instead the Vaad of Baltimore handled the case on their own. A decision was made that he could no longer teach children, yet no one monitors his behavior, nor is he undergoing sex offender treatment by a trained mental health professional.
Yisroel Shapiro (AKA: Israel Shapiro)

If your abuse occurred within the city limits of Baltimore call:
TEL (410) 361-2235 (24 hours)
FAX (443) 423-7003 or 7002
FAX after 3:30-hours(443) 423-5950
If your abuse occurred within Baltimore County call:
TEL (410) 853-3000 (24 hours) (Option 1)
FAX (410) 853-3698


Anonymous Friend of Izzy's said...

If you haven't seen the trailer for new film "Narrow Bridge" you should watch it now. It should be coming out next month.

The movie is about clergy sexual abuse with in the orthodox community.

May 17, 2007 6:02 PM  

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