Monday, May 14, 2007

Before Giving An Interview with Phil Jacobs read the article

WARNING: It is strongly suggested before anyone speaks to a reporter that they consult with a therapist and an attorney. It is also suggested you download and read the following article about going public.
-- Vicki Polin, Executive Director - The Awareness Center, Inc.

Note From Phil Jacobs - Baltimore Jewish Times

During the investigation of the late Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro, the name coming up perhaps "second" in the conversations was more often than not that of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann.

I would like to move ahead with the investigation of this Ner Israel rabbi and teacher.

However, the sensitive, triggering nature of this sort of interview process is understandably difficult.
For anyone who would come forward and consent to an interview, I would guarantee anonymity. And as I have with the survivors of Rabbi Shapiro and Shmuel Zev Juravel, I have absolutely shared the articles giving the survivors license to edit prior to publication. That will continue with anyone who comes forward in the Eisemann case.

My concern is the safety of the survivors. Whatever it takes to tell their stories and maintain that safety is given highest priority.

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Phil Jacobs


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