Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Background History on The Baltimore Times Article on Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro

From: Baltimore Jewish Times-anonymous insider

Truth be told:

Up until the last minute, the Baltimore rabbis were hoping we would cancel the story, and they would therefore find no need to send out their letter.

We were urged not to go to press, but Neil decided to push forward. The final straw was UOJ's publishing of the abridged version of the article. They knew they were in trouble and mailed out the letter right after yom-tov.

UOJ is indeed correct, the rabbis were coerced in to the mailing, they would never have mailed it out if not for the story being published.

Rabbi Heinemann's conduct exemplifies the worst of the rabbinate by posting the shameful note in his shul. He should be severely chastised for his double-speak.

We will continue to publish and publicize these crimes and will not be intimidated.


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