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Oklahoma - It's up to individual businesses if they hire a sex offender

Oklahoma - Licenses may identify offenders
by Anne Bassett
Fox 23
March 5, 2007

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(TULSA, Okla.) March 5 - Delivery companies Fox23 talked with say it's state law to do background checks if a business has an interstate license. But it's up to individual businesses if they hire a sex offender.

If a new bill goes into effect though there would be another way to tell if someone shouldn't be around kids.

The place to be at least Monday afternoon is the playground at Eisenhower International School. But the school isn't a place where registered sex offenders should be in or around and at least one parent says she does worry about that.

But a proposed law would make it so registered sex offenders could be identified by their driver licenses if they went into a school for something like a delivery.

Some parents say it’s a great idea while others aren’t so sure.

“It would be different if the words pedophile were one there-- but sex offender may be something stupid somebody did in college-- I mean it covers a huge variety of offenses and to me-- it's too vague-- it's too big.”

“I know they give fake addresses and you don't know where they are all the time-- and once you show that id then you'll know they're a registered sex offender.”

Not only would a sex offender's license tip off people like employers but they’ll also know when you go to a bank, when you buy beer, cigarettes, or any time you have show your id.

“It's too wide-- it needs to be narrowed down.”

“I don't think you could go too far.”

But while everyone might not agree about adding something to a license one thing if for sure everyone wants to do everything they can to keep kids safe.

The director of the Safe and Drug Free school program at Tulsa Public Schools says if the law passes it would be a good screening tool for people coming into schools. When someone applies for a job he says they already do a background check. But this would be another step.

The bill now goes to the House for consideration. If it's approved the law would go into effect November 1st.


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