Thursday, March 22, 2007

(MD) Children Physically Abused at Fulton Elementary School - Howard County

Fulton Elementary School is one of the best public schools in Maryland.

During the 4th grade lunch period three 4th grade girls were allegedly punched in the stomach by a lunch room monitor
. The girls immediately ran to tell their homeroom teacher and the teacher who hit the girls was immediately fired. It's rumored that the police have been involved but to what extent is unknown. Parents are saying that the school is doing their best to keep the incident a secret. We all need to be aware that child abuse (emotional, physical and sexual abuse) can occur anywhere, even in places where parents think kids are safe.

The principles name is Karen Moore-Roby. The school counslor's name is Mrs. Quirk. Fulton Elementary School's phone number is: 410-880-5957.


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