Sunday, March 25, 2007

Group of Survivors Asking - Are There Special Prayers?

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I was talking with a group of Jewish adult survivors of child sexual abuse. We spent a great deal of time on the topic of davening (praying). This is the first time I was with a group of survivors where we discussed the need to find special prayers one can say to heal from sexual trauma? Not just for ourselves but also for our families and friends who are supportive to us.

I have to be honest, when ever you sit down with a group of Jewish survivors you will often find a great deal of cynicism when the discussions move on to the way our communities have handled child molesters and those who sexually abuse/assault adults. The discussions this past week end were no different. There was a twist though, the group this weekend started asking if there any special prayers we could say asking God to help our rabbis to put the needs of those of use who have been victimized above the needs of the offenders. There was also jokes made about how "we all need to be asking God to help our rabbis to put the needs of the survivors first prior to their own concerns of loosing potential funding by speaking out against crimes against our children."


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