Saturday, February 03, 2007

More Information Needed - Sexual Predator in Passaic, NJ

The following comes from Vicki Polin at The Awareness Center:

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More Information Needed - Sexual Predator in Passaic, NJ
There is a rumor floating around that individuals in the observant community of Passaic, NJ raised enough money to go to the home of a sexual predator and say:

"We are buying your house. We want you out of the community."

The rumor goes on by saying:

"This guy gladly took the money and moved to another community to continue his life...."

The Awareness Center is gathering as much information as possible regarding this case.

The answer to dealing with sex offenders is not chasing them out of town and letting them become someone else's problem. The solution is to report all suspected sex crimes to law enforcement immedately and not to bring these sorts of suspicions to our rabbis to deal with. Our rabbis, cantors and beit dins are not set up to investigate allegations of sex crimes.

It is vitally important for our communities to come up with a plan in dealing with sex offenders who reside in our communities appropriately. Sex offenders are individuals who need specialized care. They need communities to help them stay on track. Their family members also need specialized help, especially in cases in which family members are in denial that a crime was committed.

As a community we need to escort alleged and convicted sex offenders to and from therapy appointments, we need to escort these individuals whenever they are out side their homes -- including when they daven in synagogues, walk in hallways and enter public bathrooms. The goal is to prevent one more individual from being harmed. If a sex offender M.O. is to go after children, we need to help them find careers in which they will have no access to them. If the sex offender's M.O. is to go after women, we need to assist them in finding a new career in which they have no contact with women, etc.

Remember it takes a village to raise a child, this includes children who grow up to become sexual predators.

If anyone has information regarding the rumor of the sexual predator in Passaic, NJ please forward it to me immediately or call at 443-857-5560.

Vicki Polin
Executive Director - The Awareness Center, Inc.


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can someone get the unorthodox jew to post this on his

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