Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Looking for concrete information regarding the alleged case of a sex offender who moved from Brooklyn to Passiac, NJ

From The Awareness Center's Daily Newsletter:

Looking for concrete information regarding the alleged case of a sex offender who moved from Brooklyn to Passaic, NJ

There are rumors floating around that a man in his early 30's molested several boys in Brooklyn (Flatbush). The alleged offender was then chased out of New York and moved to Passaic, NJ.

The rumor continues stating that someone in the Passaic community raised enough money to purchase the alleged offender's home (for above the fair market value). The understanding was that the offender would leave the Passaic community.

There is also a rumor that there was some sort of special meeting in Passaic in hopes of educating parents in dealing with sex offenders living in their community.

What's missing from this story is if the parents of the alleged child victims made police reports? If they didn't and this story is true, it's vitally important for everyone to encourage them to contact the police immediately.

The only way things will ever change is if law enforcement gets involved and if everyone works with the police and supply them with all needed information.

If you have any information regarding this case please contact The Awareness Center.

Vicki Polin, MA, ATR, LCPC - Executive Director

The Awareness Center, Inc.
(Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault)
P.O. Box 65273, Baltimore, MD 21209


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The name and info is in the comments on theunorthodoxjew.blogspot.com.

February 06, 2007 9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing there telling us if the parents made police reports. Nothing can really be done unless they have.

Without the police reports an offender will go on molesting. Our rabbis can't protect us or prevent an offender for continuing on.

We need to make sure parents report the crimes to the police. It's important for them to also take their children to rape crisis centers for counseling.

February 06, 2007 10:12 PM  

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