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WARNING: Regarding Charlotte Schwab who was quoted in two of the JTA articles

Information regarding Charlotte Schwab who was quoted in two of the JTA articles

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In two of the recent articles produced by JTA they quoted an individual by the name of Charlotte Schwab. I personally feel that survivors of any form of sex crime (child sexual abuse, sexual assault, clergy sexual abuse, professional sexual misconduct) need to stay away from this woman!

Please help me get the word out that this woman is not qualified to be an expert in working with survivors. She parades around as a psychotherapist, yet does not have any clinical training. We need to do what we can to prevent survivors from being revictimized by individuals who do not have the proper credentials to be working with us.

Please make sure the writers (Eugene Meyers and Richard Greenberg) at JTA are aware of the problems. Help make sure this woman is not quoted from again. We need to have articles published, yet the sources journalist use need to be credible experts.

Unfortunately, all too often many of us make the error of automatically believing that when someone is quoted in a newspaper article or speaking at a seminar we naively think the individuals know what they are doing or talking abuse In reality that is not always true. Just because someone writes a book or a parsha of the week -- or even presents at a conference or seminar does not necessarily mean they are safe people.

An example of Schwab's lack of knowledge is the statistics provided in her book "Sex, Lies, and Rabbis: Breaking a Sacred Trust"
" Estimates that "between 18 and 39 percent of Jewish clergy are involved in sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and/or sexual misconduct" the same percentage as non-Jewish clergy".
I tend to agree with Rev. Marie Fortune's guess at statistics who said:
"To my knowledge there are no definitive statistics in any of our faith groups that quantify the problem, and what we have instead are anecdotes and in some places numbers of complaints brought in that particular jurisdiction. My best guess, based on anecdote and experience," is that 10-15 percent of all clergy have been involved in some form of sexual impropriety."
For more information regarding Charlotte Schwab read the following posting from May 24, 2006


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