Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mordecai Tendler v. Bloggers Continues. . .

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Mordecai Tendler v. Bloggers
Defrocked Rabbi Drops Case Seeking Anonymous Bloggers' Identities
First Amendment Rights on the Internet

Public Citizen attorney Paul Alan Levy represented the bloggers, www.rabbinicintegrity.blogspot.com, www.jewishsurvivors.blogspot.com, www.jewishwhistleblower.blogspot.com, and www.newhempsteadnews.blogspot.com.

From Jewish Whistleblower:

1) A reminder, as we’ve already obtained a court order for our attorney fees, our Motion to set the amount for our Attorney Fees is scheduled for January 4, 2007 at 9:00 AM in the Superior Court of Californa, County of Santa Clara.

Currently, Mordecai Tendler is representing himself. Will he be in court personally in California on Thursday? Will the media be attending? Stay tuned.

Case Information
Number: 1-06-CV-064307
Title: Tendler Vs Doe
Category: Defamation - Unlimited
Filed: 5/24/2006 Disposed: 8/2/2006 Status: Post

2) Also in the main NY case against Tendler before Judge Jane Solomon, there is a prelimenary conference scheduled for January 8, 2007. It was adjourned twice previously.

A Notice of Inquiry is due January 17, 2007.

Feel free to pass this information on to the press and to ask them to attend court and read the public documents these cases. The press can contact the legal teams on record for additional information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call the gerer rabbis in boro park and ask them why they did nothing all these years WHEN THEY KNEW THE FACTS ALL ALONG AND ASK THEM WHAT THEY INTEND TO DO IN THE FUTURE TO ASSURE VICTIMS WONT BE IGNORED And how and when they intend to reach out to the system's victims with apologies and comforting words.
Lastly, ask them what teshuva they took upon themselves for this massive dereliction of duties.

David Olewski 718-436-8216 854-8777
Elie Fisher 718-853-3084 or 435-9135
Nuchem Kernwasser 718-853-7179 917-515-8117


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