Monday, December 18, 2006

CALL TO ACTION: If you or your child was sexually abused by Rabbi Avraham Leizerowitz please make a police report immediately!

I'll be honest with you, I'm shocked that the parents of the boy in the civil suit didn't file a police report for what this alleged child molester did. I personally think it is vitally important for police reports to be made immediately after learning your child has been abused. If anyone knows who these parents are, please help them make a police report.

From The Awareness Center, Inc.

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(AKA: Avraham Mordecai Lazerewitz, Avraham Leiverowitz, Avraham Mordecai Leiverowitz)

CALL TO ACTION: If you or your child was sexually abused by Rabbi Avraham Lezerowitz please make a police report immediately! It may be easier for you to contact your local rape crisis center to help you make a police report. They have experience and will walk you though the process along along with providing free legal advocacy and short term rape counseling.

FYI: By making a police report you become eligible for crime victim/witness compensation to help pay for long term counseling. If need help locating a rape crisis center, please contact The Awareness Center and we will help you find one. Our phone number is 443-857-5560.

The Awareness Center wants to remind everyone that harassing an alleged victim (or family member) of a sex crime is against the law. It is called witness tampering. If you are a survivor and this happens call your local police immediately.

A civil suit was filed against Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Leizerowitz of the Gerrer Mesivta High School in Borough Park Brooklyn. The charges include improperly touching a boy during a one-on-one help session in the rabbi's office in the Borough Park secondary school. Three other older boys have also come forward making similar allegations.

Avraham Mordecai Leizerowitz, described as man in his early fifties. He was originally hand picked by the Grand Rebbe of Ger for the position of spiritual advisor at the Gerre Mesivta Bais Yisroel school. Leiverowitz has been affiliated with the institution for around thirty years. He is originally from Bnei Brak (or spelled Bnei Braq), Israel.

Prior to escaping to Israel, Leizerowitz resided at: 1742 58th St, Brooklyn, NY. 11204

Gerrer Yeshiva and Mesivta Bais Yisroel School

5407 16th Ave., Brooklyn, NY



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