Thursday, November 02, 2006

WARNING FROM TORONTO - Important Meshulach Alert!

Important Meshulach Alert!
Vaad Hatzdokah of Toronto
October 29, 2006

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Dear Members:
The following is an important message from the Vaad Hatzdokah of Toronto:

We have been advised by our sister Vaad Hatzdokah office in London England that we are about to graced with a visit from the above meshullach collecting for "Hakav Hameachas". (See attachment for photo)

The Moised itself is of a suspicious nature, but worse, we have been informed Mr Konopnitzki served a four year jail sentence in the States for sexually abusing children. He is unable to return to Israel (he has problems there with the Authorities) has spent the past four months in the UK, and intends to remain here in Toronto for an extended period . He was initially issued certification by the London Vaad , but this was immediately withdrawn on receipt of reports of his incarceration. He is still in possession of this certificate and may well produce it to prove his authenticity.

London suspects he got up to further no good there, and recommends Toronto circulates his photo with warnings to mothers and young children to avoid contact with him. Needless to say do not contribute to this cause.


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