Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thoughts For Today

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  1. Give grief time to melt away.
  2. By speaking about your problems, some of them go away.
  3. Be honest with your self.
  4. Dig up questions by the roots.
  5. Knowledge arrives from failed experiements.
  6. Implement your ideas.
  7. Follow your own ideals and you can never be called a coward.
  8. Good friendships go beyond worlds.
  9. Notice and celebrate daily miracles.
  10. You must empty the box before you can fill it again.
  11. Surround yourself with your own reality.
  12. To conquer fear is to summon wisdom.
  13. A leader is judged by their followers.
  14. Things happen to people when they are ready to let them happen.
  15. People tend to hate in others what they hate about themselves.
  16. Success is almost always met with envy.
  17. If you need an honest answer ask an old friend.
  18. Character is revealed in moments.
  19. You become what is in your heart.
  20. Welcome the possiblities.


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