Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rabbi Avi Shafran Responds to Blogger UOJ

From: The Awareness Center, Inc. Daily Newsletter
The following e-mail was forward to me by Rabbi Avi Shaffran. It is a response to the request blogger UOJ (Unorthodox Jew) made to speak at the upcoming Agudath Israel conference.
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Dear Mr. Jew,

We appreciate and thank you for your offer but don’t feel it would be proper for us to accept it.

You have made clear in your blogging your utter disdain and contempt for Agudath Israel and the rabbinic authorities to whom we look for guidance, as well as rabbinic luminaries from other camps and even from other generations.

We realize that you regard yourself as a pure-hearted public servant/prophet, and far be it from us to deny you your self-regard. But, we hope you understand, it would be irresponsible of us to assist you in your personal goals.


Rabbi Avi Shafran

Below is copy of the original letter sent to Rabbi Avi Shafran by UOJ.

Date: November 2, 2006
From: Unorthodox Jew
Subject: Respectfully requesting an invitation to respond to David Zweibel, Ephraim Wachsman & Mattisyahu Solomon
To: shafran@agudathisrael.org

Dear Rabbi Shafran & Rabbi Zweibel,

I'm respectfully requesting an invitation to the Agudath Israel Convention's Thursday evening session. I would like the opportunity to publicly respond from the podium to the above featured speakers.

I guarantee that all language will be totally appropriate for the distinguished crowd of rabbis and laymen.

My ideas and writings represent a silent majority of Orthodox Jews globally; if you truly care about the welfare of all Orthodox Jews, you would not be concerned about letting me appeal to your audience's intellect and sensibilities.

You're certain to get national and international media attention; let the authentic Torah views prevail.

I'm hoping for an affirmative response at your earliest convenience; I would like to have enough time to prepare my divrei Torah and chizuk.

Very Sincerely,
UOJ The Unorthodox Jew


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