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CALL TO ACTION: The Awareness Center is asking that Rabbi Shumel Kaminetzki make a public statement regarding the confession of Rabbi Yaakov Menken

From The Awareness Center's Daily Newsletter
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Rabbi Yaakov Menken

CALL TO ACTION: The Awareness Center is asking that Rabbi Shumel Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky make a public statement regarding the confession of Rabbi Yaakov Menken.

The Awareness Center, Inc. - November 19, 2006

It is not often The Awareness Center puts out a warning regarding an individual who is also rabbi. Due to the seriousness of the allegations, the time has come for action to be taken regarding the case of
Rabbi Yaakov Menken.

The Awareness Center has recently learned that Rabbi Menken has created two new organizations associated with "Project Genisis". He has began a Kiruv organization called '
e-Kiruv". He is also involved with an organization called Oz Nidberu. There are also rumors floating around that he may be involved in the development of a new counter-missionary organization.

We all have to be aware that it is not uncommon for Kiruv workers and counter-missionaries to be involved with individuals who are experiencing a personal crisis in their lives. These crisis's includes a death in the family, illness of a loved one, trying to sort out unresolved issues, and even individuals who have been traumatized (victim or witness to a violent crime, survivors of childhood abuse, survivors of sexual assault, etc.). Individuals who are experiencing a life crisis are often in a vulnerable state, and are more susceptible to being manipulated by sexual predator.

Over the last few years Rabbi Yaakov Menkin was accused of both sexual harassment and professional sexual misconduct. At one point Rabbi Menken had a discussion with Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky regarding the allegations made by one of the women he counseled. The conversation included a confession by Yaakov Menken of having sexual contact with the woman. Rabbi Menken basically blamed the survivor stating "she manipulated him." Rabbi Menken was nearly forty at the time. The young, haredi woman was hardly out of her teens.

Because of the serious and complicated allegations made, the word needs to get out that young, single adult women could be at risk of harm if they share information about their personal lives with Rabbi Yaakov Menkin, especially if the woman is experiencing any sort of life crisis.

Due to the sensitivity of the situation and for reasons of confidentiality we are limited in what we can share with you about the case. What we can share is on The Awareness Center's site on Rabbi Yaakov Menken.

If you need more information regarding Rabbi Menken's confession please contact Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky.

The Awareness Center, Inc. is also asking that everyone contact Rabbi Kaminetzki requesting that he make a public statement regarding the confession made by Rabbi Yaakov Menken. Contact information for Rabbi Kamenetzky is provided below.

Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people; neither shalt thou stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor" (Leviticus 19:16).

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky
Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia
6063 Drexel Road
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Telephone: (215) 473-1212 Fax: (215) 477-5065

If you or someone you know has had similar experiences, please contact your local rape crisis center and or The Awareness Center, Inc. 443-857-5560

When you go to the Oz Nidberu web page you will see the image of a leeping frog and it says "Leap into Learning - Jewish Learning Network"

If you click on the link on the "Oz Nidberu" site it will take you to a site that is operated by alleged sex offender - Rabbi Yaakov Menken.


Domain name: EKIRUV.COM

Registrant Contact:
Project Genesis
Project Genesis (
122 Slade Avenue, Suite 250
Baltimore, MD 21208

Administrative Contact:
Project Genesis
Project Genesis (
122 Slade Avenue, Suite 250
Baltimore, MD 21208

Technical Contact:
Hosting Services (
122 Slade Avenue, Suite 250
Baltimore, MD 21208


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read this on one of the links. I thought it was important for everyone to read that I cut and pasted it to here:

Spiritual Abuse Defined


Spiritual abuse is the misuse of a position of power, leadership, or influence to further the selfish interests of someone other than the individual who needs help. Sometimes abuse arises out of a doctrinal position. At other times it occurs because of legitimate personal needs of a leader that are being met by illegitimate means. Spiritually abusive religious systems are sometimes described as legalistic, mind controlling, religiously addictive, and authoritarian.


Spiritual abuse has a devastating effect on people. A very high level of trust is often placed in rabbis, cantor or any other individual who represents a spiritual leaders. It should be expected that learning to trust again is extremely difficult, and the victim/survivor extremely guarded. When trust is violated the wound is very deep. There are times that the wound is so deep that the wounded person cannot trust even a legitimate spiritual authority again.

An analogous situation exists with the victims of incest. The emotional and psychological symptoms exhibited by victims of incest parallel those of spiritual abuse to a remarkable degree. The main symptom is the inability to relate normally to people who represent the source of their emotional injury.

Besides an unhealthy fear of, and disillusionment with, spiritual authorities, the spiritually abused person may find it difficult to trust even God (HaShem). "How could (or why did) HaShem let this happen to me?" Anger is also deeply felt. Anger itself is not always wrong. However, even legitimate anger, if not properly channeled and dealt with, can degenerate into bitterness and cynicism toward everything jewish and spiritual.


Healthy recovery from spiritual abuse must begin with understanding what has happened and how. A victim usually thinks he or she is the only one experiencing these problems. Just being able to give a name to the problem is important.

To recover, the victim/survivor of spiritual abuse needs to find a find help to work through the varies issues. Being able to have their voice heard and share the experience is very important. This could be done with a rabbi, therapist, trusted friend, and/or a support group made up of people with a similar experience.

Remember healing takes time. It's important to take small steps and go at the victim/survivors own pace.

November 20, 2006 9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After looking at the info you post, I see no involvement of Mencken with Oz Nidbaru. Where is the evidence?

November 20, 2006 12:01 PM  

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