Monday, October 23, 2006

Update: Case of Ofer Glazer

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Gag order lifted: Sexual molestation victim suing Ofer Glazer
By Anat Roeh
October 15, 2006

The nurse who cared for his wife Shari Arison is apparently suing for at least NIS 2.5 million

Tel Aviv District Court registrar David Geldstein today rescinded the gag order over a civil claim against Ofer Glazer by one of the two women he was found guilty of sexually molesting, at the behest of TheMarker.

Glazer, the husband of billionaire heiress Shari Arison, was sentenced to six months prison and to fines of NIS 15,000 per victim.

The civil claim was filed a month and a half ago at the Tel Aviv District Court, but did not cite a figure. The woman is reportedly claiming NIS 2.5 million at least, which is the minimal amount permissible in civil suits at that venue.

The claimant is a nurse who cared for Shari Arison after surgery.

She claims that Glazer exploited her arrival at his home to care for his wife, to repeatedly harass her sexually and force himself upon her, abusing their gap in status. His acts caused her permanent mental disability to a degree of 40%, the nurse claims. She keeps re-enacting the traumatic events in her mind, leading to sleep problems, anxiety, depression, difficulty in concentrating and paying attention, and a loss of confidence.

Since then she has lost her pleasure in life, she claims, and avoids social interaction. She has difficulty trusting anyone and avoids strangers and men in general. Recently she even placed her home on the market, to avoid the rumors and gossip surrounding her in her place of domicile, she adds.

The moment she filed her claim, Glazer's lawyers applied for a gag order, which the court accepted. That order was rescinded today at TheMarker's request.


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