Thursday, September 28, 2006

Does Rabbis Saul Berman, Joseph Telushkin, Tirzah Firestone and Psychiatrist, Stephen Marmer have the courage to do Teshuva?

Tis the season for doing Teshuva
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Will Mordechai Gafni enablers, Rabbi Saul Berman, Joseph Telushkin, Arthur Green and Psychiatrist, Stephen Marmer, M.D. and the rest of the Berman gang -- pick of the phone, make a few telephone calls with their personal appologies to the three past survivors of Rabbi Mordechai Gafni, Rabbi Yosef Blau, Vicki Polin and the board of directors at The Awareness Center?

Let's not forget that Rabbi Saul Berman was the brains behind the attempted campaign to silence survivors!

As of today Berman's documents continue to circulate in his attempt to destroy The Awareness Center (the only Jewish organization that advocates for the rights of survivors of sex crimes). Saul has never made any attempt to remove these documents from circulation or made a public statement to correct the record.
Rarely does the abuser or the enablers take responsibility for what occured. A formal insincere apology need not be taken seriously. It is often part of a manipulation to reverse things and make the survivor feel guilty. Individual situations may not lend themseves to to a general answer. -- Rabbi Yosef Blau
The Gang:
  1. Metuka Benjamin (Director of Education, Stephen S. Wise Temple)
  2. Rabbi Phyllis Berman (Former Director Elat Chayyim summer program)
  3. Rabbi Saul Berman (
  4. Davidovich (Executive Producer, Israel Channel 2 Television)
  5. Rabbi Tirzah Firestone (Congregation Nevei Kodesh)
  6. Rabbi Shefa Gold (Director C-Deep, composer and teacher)
  7. Rabbi Arthur Green (Dean, Hebrew College Rabbinical School)
  8. Rabbi Eli Herscher (Stephen S. Wise Synagogue)
  9. Arthur Kurzweil (former Director, Elat Chayyim, Jewish Book Club)
  10. Avraham Leader (Leader Minyan, Bayit Chadash)
  11. Stephen Marmer, M.D. (Psychiatrist, UCLA Medical School)
  12. Jacob Ner-David (Board Chair, Bayit Chadash)
  13. Peter Pitzele (Ph.D., Bibliodrama Institute)
  14. Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (Rabbinic Chair, Aleph Don Seeman, Ph.D. Emory University)
  15. Rabbi Joseph Telushkin (author, Jewish Literacy and Jewish Wisdom)
  16. Rabbi David Zaslow (Havurah Shir Hadash) Noam Zion (Hartman Institute)


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