Friday, August 04, 2006

Rocking the cradle of sexual politics - What happened when women said incest

Sexual Politics: a Historical Perspective on Incest

Louise Armstrong, author of the groundbreaking work on incest, KISS DADDY GOODNIGHT, as well as ROCKING THE CRADLE OF SEXUAL POLITICS: What Happened When Women Said Incest. She is a prolific author of many books on social issues as well as an international speaker and keynoter.

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Segment 1
Louise laments the failure of preventing incest and holds both the courts and the therapeutic community accountable for this. Discussed whether parent education would help and she declared that the most important thing we can do for prevention is teach male accountability. We also need to protect mothers from being punished for speaking up. This is why it is a political matter.
Segment 2
Talked more about therapy for incest victims. Louise advocates activism over therapy. A caller expressed her frustration over the legal system in getting help for her situation with wife battering and child abuse from a ex-husband. Louise advocated becoming socially active about the court system, even going to the court.
Segment 3
Louise talked about her first incest book, written in 1978, KISS DADDY GOODBYE, and her hopes that it would have a positive affect on the issue of incest. However, she has watched the opposite happen over the years, with the decriminalization of incest creating a therapeutic/medical takeover of the problem, focusing on the treatment of the child rather than holding the perpetrator accountable.


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