Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rabbi Abraham Twerski Had To Have Police Protection

I wonder if Rabbi Twerski ever had to deal with Rabbi Heinemann, Rabbi Hopfer, the Weinberg's, the Tendler's and or the Neubergers?

The following came from The Awareness Center's Daily Newsletter

In this video Rabbi Twerski mentions that after his first two workshops exposing domesitic violence he had to have police protection due to death threats.

Can you imagine what happens when one exposes sexual violence in Jewish communities?

Can you imagine what survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault and clergy abuse had to endure?

Video: Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski - The Truth about Gambling in the Jewish Community
December 18, 2005

Rabbi Dr. Twerski addresses compulsive gambling in general, as well as its incidence and impact in the Jewish community.

Also see: Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence and Addictions


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