Wednesday, August 23, 2006

(NY) Sexual Abuse Survivors Show

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The Sexual Abuse Survivors Show (SASS) is a multi-dimensional project featuring the art, music, poetry etc. of sexual abuse survivors. It offers a safe space for survivors to exhibit the creative works they have done to heal from their abuse, and provides a culturally and socially enriching experience for the public.

The primary goals of S.A.S.S. are to facilitate a cathartic healing experience in the artists/survivors who submit their works of art for the show, to raise public awareness about the prevalence and devastating effects of sexual abuse, and to educate professionals about the use of art in healing. S.A.S.S. is held at Dowling College in Oakdale, L.I., and N.Y. The 2006 S.A.S.S. will be in October on the 14th and 15th from 11:00am to 5:00pm with set- up on the 13th after 6pm.

SASS is attended by child and adult survivors of sexual abuse who submit works of art to the event as well as those who choose only to attend; loved ones of survivors; professionals working in the fields of mental health, family violence and child abuse, drug and alcohol treatment, art and art therapy, education; and the general community, particularly those interested in art and/or healing.

Please feel free to copy the enclosed "Save the Date and Call for Art" and share it with others. All artists must complete a "Call for Art" in order to participate in the show.

If you need any further information, please contact:
Holly Beck, Coordinator
F.E.G.S.; L.I.F.E. Program
445 Oak Street
Copiague, NY 11726.
631-26402915 x 302 (e-mail)

There are no fees charged for either displaying art or attending the show. The only requirements are applicants be survivors of sexual abuse and wish to display their artwork. All applicants who fulfill this requirement are accepted.


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