Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Advocate Looking for Survivors of Rabbi Shapiro (TA of Baltimore)

Advocate Looking for Survivors of a Rabbi Shapiro from TA of Baltimore

If you have information regarding this alleged sex offender contact:

In the mid 70's in TA Baltimore there was a Rabbi Shapiro (who lived with his wife in the TA dormitory building) who allegedly physically and sexually molested the boys that resided in the TA dorm.

This Rabbi Shapiro would french kiss the boys, insert his tounge into their mouths, or would physically force his fingers into their mouths, he would lie down beside the boys on their beds, or would lay down across the boys whilst constantly touching them all over their bodies.

If you are a survivor of Rabbi Shapiro, or know of anyone who might have been sexually victimized, please contact us at so that you can be included in our future lawsuit against TA.


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