Saturday, July 29, 2006

Special National Beit Din To Address Sex Crimes?

I'm looking for someone to confirm the following:

There are rumors floating around that the Beit Din of America is forming an all new Beit Din to handle cases that involve sex crimes. I've also heard that Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst (rabbi of Agudath Israel of Illinois) is involved with this project.

My sources tell me that Fuerst appears to be one of the major rabbinic experts in Chicago on sexual abuse. Considering his history with these sorts of cases, do you think he's appropriate for the job?

Several months ago Fuerst wrote a letter in support of Rabbi Mordechai Tendler (see below). In his letter Rabbi Fuerst mentions that he "looked into the allegations" and found them to be false. I wonder what criteria he followed to come to this determination.

Jewish Whistleblower reports:
"Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst who put a man in cherem for taking those allegedly involved in sexully molesting his son to civil court (even though he had permission from another beis din to do so)."
Once again I have to ask, what education and training does Rabbi Fuerst have to be investigating sex crimes? I was hoping that Rabbi Fuerst would make his resume public. I think it's important for everyone to see exactly what specialized training he has.

While Fuerst was in rabbinic school did they teach him to collect forensic evidence or how to conduct a victim sensitive interview? If not, I believe WE ALL NEED TO DEMAND that we see where he received his training in how to collecting forensic evidence and also how to conduct a victim sensitive interview!

I personally believe that instead of creating a "special beit din" to investigate allegations of sex crimes, that the rabbis in Chicago and around the world NEED to be working with law enforcement. The creation of a "special beit din" will only be for show and will be used to smooth the way to continue doing what they have been doing for centuries.

Don't forget about the way that Rabbi Fuerst handled the case of the Kosher Butcher - Meyer Miller and the case of the Hillel Rabbi - Rabbi Tzvi Wainhaus.

Did you ever stop and wonder where these two gentlemen daven? What protocals have been established to keep children who go to their shuls safe? Perhaps Rabbi Fuerst would like to answer?

We also can't forget about Rabbi Morris I. Esformes who is also based in Chicago who is an alleged financial supporter of Mordecai Tendler.

According to Jewish Whistleblower Rabbi Morris I. Esformes has many unregistered sex-offenders and violations in his nursing homes.

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