Friday, June 30, 2006

Rabbi Mordecai Tendler Speaking in Israel Next Week

From the Cannonist Blog

Next week:

Harav Mordecai Tendler will be in Israel next week and will be giving a shiur on Thursday July 6th. The shiur will be in English and is open to all. The topic will be:
“Halachik Considerations of Financial Expenditures”

(Tzedaka vs. Household)
We will daven Mincha at 7:00pm; maariv will be after the shiur (around 8:45pm).
The shiur will either be in Beit Shemesh or Yerushalayim – I will send another e-mail with the exact location.
Moshe Siegel
“Making the World a Healthier Place … One Person at a Time”

I also heard a rumor, but haven’t confirmed, that he was on the dais at a recent dinner of honor at MTJ.

From The Awareness Center's web page:
  • According to Rabbi Benzion Y. Wosner, head of the Shevet Levi rabbinical court in Monsey, One should never allow their wives or daughters to go to Rabbi Mordecai Tendler at all including [for] counseling... and all his rulings are null and void." He also stated: "The RCA had every right to oust this rabbi from their organization, and his own congregation has the same obligation." In conclusion, he wrote, "the rabbi can no longer officiate at divorces, weddings. ...

  • A Law Suit Filed Against Mordechai Tendler, Kehillat New Hempsted, and Rav Aron Jofen Community Synagogue on December 20, 2005.

  • On December 24, 2005 the Rabbinic Committee that was Formed to Expose Mordecai Tendler made a public statement that "Must be read by all adults. According to Halacha, these women would still be believed.

  • On January 4 - A Call To The Entire Community of Monsey To Stand Together For Kavod HaTorah This Shabbos - And For Many Shabbos As Necessary


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