Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rumors Regarding Marc Gafni - From

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Mordechai Gafni has officially been fired from his organization Bayit Chadash, 3 women have filed complaints against him to the police for sexual and psychological abuse (one of the cases was rape), 5 women have given depositions to the lawyers, 10 women have said that they have been sexually involved with him in the past few years (students & staff), and his whole community has been notified and agrees with the action that has been done.

At this stage Avraham Leader and Jacob Ner David are writing formal letters to send out to all of the people that have supported him in the past, letting them know that Rmg is indeed sexually and psychologically dangerous. They will also write letters to every institution where he teaches and let them know the situation.

[Update] The following comes from a friend who has been deeply involved with Bayit Chadash for the last year:

At this point what is true and public is that there are 4 depositions in the hands of lawyers for sexual and psychological abuse and manipulation. There have been 3 complaints to the police. He was fired from Bayit chadash. Avraham Leader and Jacob Ner David and the Israel board of Bayit Chadash agreed that these charges are true, and his relationship to BC must therefore be terminated. While there are many other women that he has been sexually involved with from the Bayit Chadash community and board, students and staff, there have at this stage only been 4 brave women that have filed depositions, and 3 courageous women that have refused to remain silent and filed complaints with the police.

[Update] More from inside Bayit Chadash: Gafni, who fled Israel late last week for the US, “could have left for either of the following reasons: Firstly, both women he was currently involved with were not willing to stand by him after learning all the details of his current and past situations. The Bayit Chadash community officially left his house in Yaffo, so if he went home, he went home to an empty house. He met several leaders of the Bayit Chadash community at their lawyer’s office the night he arrived in the US and was informed that he was fired and that he should prepare to ‘go down.’ He then allegedly tried to bribe Avraham Leader to cover for him. He then went directly to Boston to stay with Erica Fox who has been his teaching partner for several years, with whom he may also be romantically involved. She has covered for him previously and continues to do so. Secondly, he was aware that three women filed complaints against him to the police and may have fled Israel to avoid the charges.”

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