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History of the RCA handling of abuse issues (domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, professional sexual misconduct)

History of the RCA handling on abuse issues (domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, professional sexual misconduct);

And the handling of the Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler:
  1. 05/14/1999 - Agunah Task Force: Rabbinical Council of America Agunah Task Force.
  2. 06/15/2004 - Resolution on Allegations of Sexual Impropriety: Policy and Procedures Regarding Allegations of Impropriety Against an RCA Member
  3. 03/18/2005 - RCA Expels Member: Recent Action Regarding Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
  4. 04/12/2005 - Statement on Rabbi Mordecai Tendler: Statement in the Matter of the Investigation of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
  5. 04/19/2005 - Statement by the RCA: Supplementary Statement on Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
  6. 06/27/2005 - Open Letter to the Jewish Community: An Open Letter to the Jewish Community Regarding the Investigation and Expulsion of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
  7. 07/13/2005 - English Translation of Response: English Translation of Letter to Jerusalem Beit Din Here's the Text of Hebrew response of the Rabbinical Council of America to the Jerusalem Beit Din
  8. 07/13/2005 - The Rabbinical Council of America Responds to the Hazmanah issued by a Jerusalem Regional Court
  9. 07/27/2005 - RCA Responds to the Jewish Press - The RCA responds to the Jewish Press editorial of July 22, 2005
  10. 12/30/2005 - Clarification Regarding Rabbi M. Tendler and Bet Din
    On Thursday December 29th 2005, the leadership of the RCA sent the following clarification to all its members, regarding its decision to go to Zabla in New York to adjudicate the matter of the expulsion of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler. Relevant New York Beit Din documents are attached.
  11. 03/21/2006 - Update and Clarification regarding Expulsion of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler:
    Clarification Dated March 21, 2006 Regarding Rabbi M. Tendler, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and the Jerusalem Beit Din.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have so many mixed feelings about what was posted here. I want to start off by saying mazel tov to the RCA for finally taking action.

I have to admit that I am extremely embarrassed for them because it took so many years for them to do what they are finally doing. I truly believe that the RCA should require that it's members:

* Should be mandated to be educated on symptomology of a child who is being emotionally, physically and sexually abused.

* Should all be mandated to report when they SUSPECT a child is being abused or neglected. There should be repercussions on them if they don't. Remember rabbis are NOT trained to investigate these sorts of crimes, that should be left up to child protection workers and law enforcement officials.

This is the year 2006. Forty-four years ago was when a physician by the name of C. Henry Kempe, published the landmark article The Battered Child Syndrome in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In this article, Kempe and his colleagues exposed the reality that significant numbers of parents and caretakers batter their children, even to death.

Why is it that our rabbinical leaders have still NOT done anything to support those who advocate for children and also those who have been sexually manipulated by those with power and authority over others?

Remember forty-four years ago was when the notion of mandated reporting first was introduced. HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE NEED TO WAIT?

April 01, 2006 9:15 PM  

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