Sunday, April 30, 2006

Case of Uriel Yitzhaki - Former Israeli Consul in The Hague

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Ex-consul to The Hague charged with bribery, indecent acts
By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Service
April 25, 2006

Israel's former consul to The Hague, Uriel Yitzhaki, was indicted Tuesday for bribery, fraud and indecent acts.

Israeli police investigators began probing Yitzhaki in 2004 in Israel and Holland. Yitzhaki was arrested in April 2005, while vacationing in Israel.

According to the charges, Yitzhaki provided businessman Yaakov Goldovsky with an Israeli passport in return for a bribe. Goldovsky's passport was later revoked.

The indictment also mentions alleged bribes Yitzhaki received from several Dutch companies, as well as 150 Israeli passports he provided to people.

Yitzhaki is also charged with indecent acts he allegedly committed on consul employee over ten years ago.

When contacted by police, the woman said Yitzhaki attempted to rape her. She told police that a security officer present at the time saw that she was distressed and observed scratches on her and on Yitzhaki. The officer later confirmed this testimony.

Police are also investigating further complaints, made by another woman employed at the consul, who says Yitzhaki used his authority to force her into a sexual relationship.

Israeli consul in court
Breaking News
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY
April 25, 2006

A former Israeli diplomat was indicted for sexual molestation, bribery and fraud.
Uriel Yitzhaki, Israel’s ex-consul at The Hague, appeared in Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday charged with molesting a female colleague when he served in the Netherlands in the 1990s.

He also is accused of accepting more than $5,000 to obtain an Israeli passport for an acquaintance who did not meet the eligibility criteria.

Yitzhaki denied wrongdoing when he was arrested last year, but it was not immediately clear how he would plead to the formal charges.

Former Israeli consul charged with fraud, bribery
Jerusalem Post, Israel
April 25, 2006

The former Israeli consul in The Hague, Uriel Itzhaki, was indicted on Tuesday on suspicion of fraud, bribery and molesting a fellow consulate employee.

The indictment alleged that the consul took advantage of his position and took money from different service providers to the embassy, as well as issuing an Israeli passport for an Austrian businessman in exchange for 5,000 Euros, misinforming and pressuring Foreign Ministry personnel, Army Radio reported.


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