Friday, March 24, 2006

What are the chances that the new paper - Orthodox Jewish Times will publish articles about sexual abuse in Baltimore?

Please note that the Baltimore Jewish Times chose NOT to publish an article about the case of Shmuel Juravel, who grew up in the orthodox community of Baltimore. You can read more about this case here. You can read the court document here.

JT Starts Orthodox Newspaper

MARCH 24, 2006 <> Seeking to better serve its diverse readership, the Baltimore Jewish Times this week announced the founding of a new publication, the Baltimore Orthodox Times. The free weekly will begin publishing on Friday, May 5.

"When the idea was initially brought to us years ago, I resisted such a separate publication, being sensitive to concerns that this could push the community into two directions," said Andrew Buerger, president of Alter Communications Inc., the parent company of the Baltimore Jewish Times. "That's not our goal. We hope the publication helps the non- Orthodox and Orthodox communities here learn more about one another and can then interact even more effectively together on behalf of the larger community."
Orthodox Times Cover
Some area business owners, who are Orthodox, approached Mr. Buerger in recent months, asking him to consider anew
such a publication. After numerous meetings, including a close survey of the area market, Alter's leadership said the opportunity fit the company's mission statement to "inspire communities we serve with media that educate, enlighten and entertain."

"As community builders, we need to be sensitive to the reality that we all share one set of values, but can have different needs," Mr. Buerger said. "Indeed, as seen by the wonderful infrastructure it's built here over the years, the Orthodox community's needs are different in some ways. That goes for news, too."

Baltimore's Orthodox community is estimated at around 20 percent of its overall Jewish community ¡X double the national average. The area is home to one of the nation's largest and most respected yeshivas, Ner Israel Rabbinical College, several dozen Orthodox synagogues and numerous businesses that cater primarily to the Orthodox community.

The Baltimore Orthodox Times will start with printing about 5,000 copies a week; about 3,500 will go to private homes and the rest will be distributed throughout the metropolitan area on Fridays. It will be dropped off at businesses and restaurants in the Northwest Baltimore corridor, stretching from the city's Upper Park Heights section to Owings Mills.

Paid subscriptions, delivered to individual homes, will be available.

Baltimore Jewish Times Editor Phil Jacobs will supervise the publication, which will have its own staff writer and retinue of free-lance writers.

The new publication, he said, will have some general news, a specific calendar, interviews with the many speakers coming here from Israel and elsewhere, and particular profiles and features.

"This is far from a substitute for the Baltimore Jewish Times, but a welcome supplement to it," Mr. Buerger said. "We look forward to a lot of synergy between the publications." Baltimore Orthodox Times Calendar

With the launch of our exciting new publication, the Baltimore Orthodox Times coming on May 5, we'd like to encourage synagogues and organizations with special upcoming programs to list their events in our Calendar. Please email your calendar items to or send them to Baltimore Orthodox Times Calendar, c/o Alter Communications, Suite 200, 1040 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 21201.

For story ideas for the Baltimore Orthodox Times, contact Phil Jacobs at For more information regarding advertising, contact Jack Ross at Both can be reached via telephone at 410-752-3504.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What are the chances that the new paper - Orthodox Jewish Times will publish articles about sexual abuse in Baltimore?"
Not likely! The
Baltimore community has refused to confront this problem for decades. It is sad and pathetic. I guess the Baltimore community would fold if Baltimore Rabbis could not be pedophiles.

March 27, 2006 3:19 PM  

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