Thursday, March 30, 2006

Understanding Sex Offenders

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Several people have sent e-mails lately trying to understand why someone would commit a sex crime against another individual. I thought the articles on these web page would be helpful to to those of you who want to know more:
  1. Articles About Sex Offenders and Pedophillia
  2. Sexually Reactive Children and Juvenile Sex Offenders
  3. Sex Offenders: Problems Our Parents Wouldn't Speak Of
  4. Clergy Abuse: Rabbis, Cantors and Other Trusted Officials


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Vicki Polin reads this.

I want to thank you and everyone else at The Awareness Center. I also want to thank JS for posting so much of what they do on this blog.

I know it must have taken a lot of time and effort to put these pages together.

The work you are doing is amazing. I'm sending a donation right away. I wish you all the best.

March 31, 2006 9:52 AM  

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