Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jewish Survivors Blog Mentioned - Important Mordecai Tendler Video ABC-News New York

Sex scandal brewing over a rabbi
Go to this site and watch this video. I can't believe ABC News in NY mentioned my blog.

I wish they would have also mentioned The Awareness Center, They are the international Jewish organization against sexual abuse and assault. The only victim rights organization for Jewish survivors of sexual violence.

I have to admit that I would never have the courage to create my blog without their support. I want to publicly thank Vicki Polin who is the founder of The Awareness Center and my own personal hero. You are a life saver to so many survivors like myself.

Also make sure to visit this site:
Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Victims' Unite:
ABC didn't cover that
KNH is responsible; they take none in their Counter Suit against Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
KNH allowed Rabbi Mordecais’ behavior,
KNH covered-up for him,
KNH harassed victims, intimidated, maligned, smeared ostracized them
KNH caused damages to victims’ lives, and emotional distress
KNH members went to RMT for Counseling/Guidance and all the offices and roles they deny in the Counter Law suit
KNH enabled Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
KNH allowed continual victimization to take place after RCAs’ ruling and expulsion;
KNH allowed continual victimization to take place after a victim settled for a large sum out of court btw. Nov.2002-Jan.2003. A relationship that began Feb. 2002
KNH allowed continual victimization after many women over the years left, when women had problems with him, and noticeable intimate relationships’ between woman and their Rav. Tendler was before their eyes.
KNH slandered woman all over the Jewish community as the problem and not their Rav. Tendler.
KNH never ever opposed the maligning being done in Tendlers media or blogs to Rabbonium or victims/survivors, and in fact wrote much of the verbal written abuse
KNH supported Rabbi Mordecai Tendler after RCAs’ expulsion: Board wrote letters of support to Jewish Press(Mess), Board supported conspiracy theory of RMT, Board did not adhere to RCA, investigate themselves thereby covering up and supporting him.
KNH is responsible and clearly takes none claiming it’s the victims/plaintiffs and other Rabbonium
ABC and Media coverage left out the fact that the Plaintiff is suing KNH
Clearly the media was guided that the issue is all about getting Rabbi Mordecai Tendler out of KNH.
KNH along with Rabbi Mordecai Tendlers’ media have an agenda using the media to not mention the issues.
The fact that ABC and the media left out that KNH is being suit demonstrates that those who got them is all about their agenda to get him out, nothing about victims and what KNH and Rabbi Mordecai Tendler did to them.
The fact that ABC did include that Victims had to leave the community was mentioned due to quick response by victims/Survivors hearing ABC was in New Hempstead and networking for representation; however, ABC coverage left out that KNH and RMT were responsible. The lead was an agenda other then victim’s cause of action.
Mallow of KNHs’ lawyer Daniel B. Schwartzs’ firm inquired with Lenore Kramer Plantiffs’ lawyer about setting and amount. KNH takes no-responsibility, denies their actions as Rabbi Mordecai Tendler, but not to us victims looking good.

March 02, 2006 8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe if you stopped referring to yourself as a victim, and start calling yourself a survivor your voice would be louder.

While Tendler was abusing you, you were a victim. You now have a voice so like the survivor in you shine.

March 02, 2006 8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe if you stopped referring to yourself as a victim, and start calling yourself a survivor your voice would be louder.

While Tendler was abusing you, you were a victim. You now have a voice so let the survivor in you shine.

March 02, 2006 8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those responsible for the crimes that are perpetrated and allowed to take place are guilty on a legal, moral, ethical, spiritual and especially if continued victimization; which is not called continued survivorization to those already abused by despicable behavior.
Be mature not new age, there are women who feel and experience pain and suffering and still has nothing to do with feminine power, will, resources, resourcefulness, strengths, or even having an inner peace, who have been victimized, experience being a victim, not from a place of weakness, or wrong outlook nor sentenced who are deeply connected to life and spirit yet that abuse which is done you don’t control, victimization of the intentional sick will of other(s). Survival always, connection infinitely, victim where that is held responsibility. What’s for you, great; what’s for others, great-all inner power still strives.

March 02, 2006 1:34 PM  
Anonymous Joanne said...

I personally do not like being referred to as a victim. While I was being victimized I was a victim. I've moved way beyond that point. I am proud to call myself a SURVIVOR.

I don't want to unite with anyone who still refers to themselves a victim. To me the term is depressing, self-degrading and belittling.

I have no problem associating myself with those who are "survivors." For them I gain strength and healing. I don't want someone who is a "victim" to be a mentor for my neshema. But someone who refers to themselves as survivor, is someone with strength, determination and power.

A few years ago someone broke into my home in the middle of the night. I was left me dead.

The next day when I came to. Somehow I was able to pull myself to the phone and call 911. They didn't think I would survive the beating I received due to the amount of blood I lost.

I still have flashbacks of being raped. I still have trouble sleeping at night. I had to sell my home and move to another state, I've also changed my name legally.

I lost a great deal, including the sight in one eye.

The term "survivor" is NOT an "new age" thing. It's about the process of healing, and becoming stronger then every.

I am NO victim! I survived. I am a SURVIVOR.

March 02, 2006 8:20 PM  

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