Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sample Fax to Rabbi Shalom Tendler's Synagogue (RE: Rabbi Aron Tendler)

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Fax:310 276-0734

To: Young Israel of North Beverly Hills
RE: Aron Tendler and Shalom Tendler

We are writing to you to let you know that Shalom Tendler has been aware of his nephew’s disgusting acts with minors since 1987 and did nothing. He was responsible for the cover up in 87 when Aron was moved to the boys school and he also spoke to one of Aron’s 16 year-old victims 2 years ago, who tried to commit suicide once the history of what Aron did to her caught up with her.

If Shalom Tendler is not removed from the bima we will go to the mainstream media and make it publicly known that your shul keeps a man on staff who enables a child molester.

Shalom Tendler is Aron's uncle and has been influential in keeping Aron in positions of religious authority (such as teaching at YULA's boys school) despite evidence that Aron molested underage girls at YULA.

The New York Post is aggressively working on a series of articles on Aron and Mordecai Tendler. The Jewish Journal and The Los Angeles Times are also looking into Aron.

One of the founder of Young Israel of North Beverly Hills is Judah Hertz.


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